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Waitress Gets Necessary Payback After Massive Jerk Demands She Refund His Tip as Soon as His Date is Out of Earshot

This guy is a walking red flag.
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guy demands spicy food and doesn't get it

Dude Sends Non-Spicy Food Back 4 Times, Asks Internet If He's In The Wrong

We demand the spicy.
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Boss punishes waitress for being ill, so she proceeds to walk out on the job.

Boss Punishes Waitress For Being Ill, She Walks Out On Job, Coworkers Get Upset

Seems completely reasonable.
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A waitress accidentally spills wine on a customer's jacket, and then the customer doesn't want to leave a tip.

Waitress Accidentally Spills Wine On Customer's Jacket, Customer Chooses Not To Tip

Accidents happen, man.
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Waiters and waitresses describe overheards they had while working, that they felt they shouldn't have heard | reddit posted by jacobr1020 eating at restaurant one day and boyfriend proposed his girlfriend very sweet, not attention-seeking at all, and seemed very genuine. She started crying and said yes. He grinned and said April Fool She PISSED!

Waiters/Waitresses/Baristas Share Their Unexpected Overheards

Sometimes you hear something you feel like you shouldn't have.
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Customer decides to not tip their waitress because they learned their waitress won the lottery.

Customer Doesn't Tip Waitress Because Waitress Won The Lottery

Plain old completely not cool.
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A funny Tumblr thread has Tumblr users swapping stories on the art of faked niceties in the service industry.

Tumblr Users Discuss The Art Of Faked Niceties In Service Industry

It really is its own kind of art form.
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Rude customer stiffs a waitress on a large tab, and then poetic karma ensues.

Customer Stiffs Waitress On Large Tab, Poetic Karma Ensues

He ended up being quite unintentionally generous.
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Waitress assumes customer left, eats their salad, and then the customer returns.

Waitress Assumes Customers Left, Eats Customer's Salad, Customers Return

What an actual waking nightmare.
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A funny Tumblr post about people's mental conditioning from various jobs. | debrides worked with toddlers and pre schoolers three years. Sometimes accidentally slip and tell friend say bye an inanimate object say bye bus occasionally they unthinkingly just do autisticcole glad there's teacher version accidentally called teacher 'mom" hermionegranger worked at Medieval Times occasionally would slip real life and call people “my lord"

Tumblr Thread: Old Habits Follow Us Everywhere

Old habits are hard to kick.
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Karen the customer gets outsmarted by overwhelmingly kind customer service | r/TalesFromYourServer Join u/Asshole_Catharsis 13d Kill 'em with kindness" made Karen so paranoid she thought fucked with her food Long managing on this busy eve group 8 had walked and were quoted 30-45 mins about 35 mins two tables opened up could push together. But apparently leader pack wanted speak with Hi were quoted 30 minutes s already 10 past really upset and want know going do

Karen Customer Defeated By Overwhelming Kindness

Karen was frozen in her tracks.
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Waiters share the most ridiculous orders that they've received from customers | ezekielragardos 5y worked at as server at ritzy country club on cape cod and this women once brought paint chip and told she wanted her cosmopolitan be exact same color as her pink paint chip

Ridiculous Orders Waiters Received From Customers

The waiters must've been rightfully speechless.
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Waitress gets back at her mean boss by being super kind to all of her co-workers, and they end up siding with her | r/ProRevenge post by heartmyboo got all staff side with and my birthday over our boss Alright, so this story probably isn't as prorevenge as most others but here go. This is about my summer job have worked there July October 4 years now and actually really enjoyed up until this year. So this job is seasonal restaurant opens up May October with June September being 's main season

Waitress Gets Back At Mean Boss By Spreading All The Kindness

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Waiter tells story about trying out the honest approach on awful customers.

Server Tries Out Honest Approach With Awful Customers

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food worker watch first dates

18 Waiters And Waitresses Reveal The Dead Giveaways They're Serving A First Date

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cheating customer gets karma

Cheating Customer With Zero Manners Gets Served Fresh Instant Karma At Restaurant

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