wait what

The Mild Let Go

fast food fired taco bell wait what - 5386282752
Created by shadowstriker85


iPhones wait what pregnant - 6717630464
Created by Unknown

Not for Use as a Shield, Surfboard, etc.

door language obvious sign wait what - 5318076160
Created by Catherine

Today, Counting Games. Tomorrow, Drinking Games.

alcohol counting education milk Parenting Fail school wait what - 5407708416
Created by Unknown

This Works With Student Loans too, Right?

twitter wait what debt failbook g rated - 8380950016
Via JayStewartPhoto

Dafuq Just Happened?

wait what surprise sharks - 7121526784
Created by Unknown

Wait That's a Thing? WHERE

wait what its-always-sunny pr0n - 7138447616
Created by Unknown

What Are the Mechanics of That Transfer, Exactly?

wait what dude parts headline Probably bad News - 7056117760
Via Criggo

Do You Still Not Get It?

iPhones wait what lady problems g rated AutocoWrecks - 7035633152
Created by Jrsbbusa3000 ( Via Cheezburger iOS Builder )

Polish Name FAIL

lady bits wait what accidental sexy name - 7023495680
Created by Unknown

Double-Take Double Car WIN

wait what cars DIY - 6851690752
Created by Unknown

Wait What?

wait what - 6588521984
Created by don ( Via Orf )
commercials Video wait what - 40317441

Dating Fails: Wait What?

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Wait What?

dating site wait what - 6481349888
Created by Jodi

Dating Fails: Your Family is WEIRD

dating fails vibrator wait what - 6470291456
Created by Unknown

OK We Need to Have a Talk About Everything

anatomy biology sex ed wait what - 6201883136
Created by Unknown
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