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We Look Out For One Another in This Family

caption car Parenting Fail ride scared toddler wait what - 5509388288
By Unknown
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Kids These Days, Vol. 1: Smoking Candy

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Multitask WIN

Challenge Accepted Multitasking toilet urinal wait what - 5472920576
By Unknown

The Most Romantic Images Are The Ones That Make No Sense

emo poetry romantic wait what We Are Dating - 5505985536
By Unknown

Engrish Funny: I prefer my water without water

Ad engrish funny g rated Hall of Fame translation wait what water - 5478539008
By Unknown

Parents Around the World: Is This a Coming of Age Rite of Some Kind?

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By Unknown

You Don't Want to Know What it Smells Like

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By LilyAdar
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Land Octopus WIN

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The Saddest of Sad Faces

Parenting Fail sexy times wait what - 5473017088
By Unknown

What Do You Want From Me?! FAIL

cars Hall of Fame sign wait what - 5472116736
By Unknown

No Black Friday Deal Could Convince Me to Buy That

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By Unknown

Cryptic Warning WIN

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Stereographic Projection WIN

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Via Colossal

Saved! (From Pregnancy).

birth control Hall of Fame naughty or nice nerdgasm Parenting Fail pregnancy video games wait what - 5468589312
By Unknown

Public Parenting News: In the "Toddlers and Tiaras" Section of the Store

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You Know, the "Vroom Vroom" Kind of White

baby daddy maury povich Parenting Fail paternity test talk show wait what - 5468985344
Via Holy Maury Mother of God