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20 Insane Examples of Video Game Logic

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Video of Leeroy Jenkins moment in World of Warcraft to celebrate the epic fail's 12 year anniversary.

Relive the Greatest FAIL In Video Game History For Leeroy Jenkins' 12 Year Anniversary

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All the times gamers took it way too far on The Sims video game.

14 Times People Took It WAY Too Far On The Sims

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The Rick and Morty GTA V Mod Is Here and It's the Stuff of Dreams

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Dark Souls Just Hit An Amazing, Rage-Inducing New High For Trolling With These Giant Door Deaths

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Rest in Peace, Club Penguin

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Celebrate Hump Day With 48 Occasionally Dark, Always Hilarious Moments From The Sims

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27 Times The Sims Was a Dark-Humored Goldmine of Weird and Hilarious Gems

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People Share the Games That They Just Didn't Get and the Games' Flawed Logic

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These Two Canadians Set the Authorities Ablaze When They Crossed the Border Into the U.S. Playing Pokémon GO

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When You've Finally Completed Your Quest

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Don't You Dare Forget Your Roots Michael Fassbender

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