accident cars towing trucks Video - 42656001

Helping an Accident FAIL

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Truck on Truck Action WIN

towing truck trucks yo dawg - 6451016704
Created by Unknown

Hauling What You Need WIN

cars driving tired trucks - 6157531392
Created by B$

FAIL Nation: Probably Bad News: Just Trying to be Efficient

cars fail nation g rated oh china Probably bad News trucks - 5999341824
Created by Unknown

Impact FAIL

cars irony trucks - 5971442432
Created by carharjo

Trucksliding FAIL

cars driving trucks - 5854250752
Created by Giovanni Calderisi

Door to Door Delivery FAIL

building cars crashed door driving trucks - 5592025600
Created by H. Simpson

An Elaborate Jehovah's Witness Trap

bad puns cars door dual use trucks wtf - 5492857344
Created by trint99

I'm Only Making One Trip

moving day overkill trucks wtf - 4977693696
Created by kodiak

Subtle Advertising FAIL

advertising failboat innuendo Professional At Work subtle trucks - 5279942656
See all captions Created by chiefnut

I Think You Lost Your Horse

holding it up trucks - 4782904064
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moving day Professional At Work trucks - 5004422400
Created by Unknown

18-Wheeler FAIL

bridge driving g rated trucks - 4981274624
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Clever Slogan WIN

repair slogan trucks - 4965833472
Created by barnowl2468

Camper Van FAIL

failboat innuendo pedobear sketchy trucks - 4853467904
See all captions Created by Unknown

Truck Parking FAIL

directions failboat g rated parking trucks - 4895556096
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