This Guy is a Real Charmer

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"Yeah, Let's Make Sure We Have Some Really Phallic Bread Here"

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Good Advice Forever

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The Jet-Powered Samurai is Everything Your Inner Redneck Dreams of

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We Need More Wheels!

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Wood You Believe It's Homemade?

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Created by captainjackrackham
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This is How Rednecks Solve Most Disputes

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Can't Argue With That

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Trucks Are an Endless Source of FAILs

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Bungies? Naw, Tape it Down!

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Created by 1000wattwarlock

Go Home Truck, You're Drunk

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Created by AnassRhammar
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Who Knew Trucks Could Pull Stunts Like These?

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Yeah, "Clearance 12 Feet" Isn't a Joke

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Created by texascableguy

Turn the Light on, You Can Play Tic Tac Toe on the Wall

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Created by Unknown

We're Gonna Need a Taller Truck

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Follow This Truck!

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Created by funnymanedmundk

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