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'Let's play a game called, look in the thief's purse': Small business owner follows a shoplifter home after catching her stealing merchandise

Oh, how the tables turn
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crazy stolen stealing funny video viral video mexican food chipotle queso funny thief tiktok - 1289991

Woman Catches Little Boy Stealing Her Queso at Chipotle in Viral Video, the Internet Is in Disbelief

He really said, “Mine”
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entitled mom tries stealing iPad using kid as excuse

Entitled Mom Steals iPad, Caught When It Starts Dinging In Her Purse

Oh yeah, that.
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boss's daughter steals lunch and gets sent to hospital with peanut allergy, boss blames coworker

Boss's Daughter Steals Lunch, Gets Sent To Hospital, Boss Tries Blaming Employee

Of course it's the boss's kid.
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Roommate ID card revenge

Entitled Thief Roommate Inspires Expensive ID Card Revenge

Choose your roommates wisely.
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Bicycle parking thief gets his bike locked up as revenge

Bicycle Parking Thief Gets The Gift Of His Bike Locked Up

It's only fair.
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plant mom's family steals and sell plants

Plant Mom's Sister-In-Law and Niece Say They'll Watch Plants, Cut Up And Sell The Pieces

That's a bundle.
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pro revenge scammer revenge car accident thief - 16295429

Scammer Tries to Shakedown Guy After Car Accident, Guy Gets Revenge, Scammer Has to Pay

A cautionary tale about handling car accidents "off the record".
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Karen tries to steal mobility scooter

Unhinged Karen Tries To Steal Woman's Mobility Scooter, Gets Caught In Slow Speed Chase

Way to go Karen.
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wtf shoplifting stuck crime lol ridiculous dumb stupid thief - 107725313

Shoplifter Gets Caught, Gets Head Stuck In Door As He Tries To Escape

Such grace.
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FAIL stealing cringe ridiculous Video thief - 106330625

Porch Pirate Gets Caught Red-Handed, Attempts To Flee, Gets Stuck In Snow

This ain't it, man.
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stupid gas thieves accidentally steal kerosene and ruin car

Incompetent Gas Thieves Seal Their Own Fate

Some problems sort themselves out.
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Employee catches managers stealing, and they end up getting big raise | r/RegularRevenge u/ifallupthestairsalot 317d Join Caught managers stealing, got hefty raise! Regular This happened few years ago 16 got my first job working franchise owned pizza place worked there until 24 19 received shift leader and got 30 cent raise. Our store pretty slow and only had handful employees there, so understood. One day franchise owner comes running my shift tell l would be getting new manager franchise owner

Employee Catches Managers Stealing, Gets Nice Raise

All in a day's work.
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A funny Tumblr thread about how people steal stuff by having complete confidence.

Tumblr Thread: Ridiculous Cons People Pull Off Through Complete Confidence

Confidence takes those conmen a long way.
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nephew steals from uncle, uncle refuses to pay 40K of college money

Thief Nephew Steals His Way Out of College Money

Not so well-played, bruh.
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woman steals man's dog because it's wearing a muzzle

Mistaken Stranger Tries To Liberate Dude's Muzzled Dog

Oh boy.
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