The Lock Combination is 1234

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monday thru friday letters sandwich notes thief - 306181

The Office Sandwich Thief: An Epistolary Saga

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Criminally Dumb Criminal facepalm Video robbery thief fail nation - 68296961

This Robber Plays Dead When His Burglary Goes Awry. Brilliant or Stupid?

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Only the Best Bike Thieves Leave Reviews

reviews stolen bike thief g rated win - 8436150272
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Does Your Break Room Need This?

monday thru friday sign saw fridge thief g rated - 8419966720
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revenge prank Video thief - 67054849

This Relentless Package Thief Doesn't Know it, but He Just Stole a Box of Dog Doo

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Why Did You Hire Them in the First Place?

monday thru friday warning sign parking lot thief - 8284718848
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Not a Theft Deterrent

monday thru friday doughnuts donuts truck thief - 8383085056
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drunk idiots funny Video thief - 66399489

Drunks Make Terrible Thieves

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Wine Thieves Aren't Always Clever

clever funny wine thief - 8371698176
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Video thief robbery Wait For It win - 64949249

An Armed Robbery With a Twist

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Criminally Dumb Criminal Grand Theft Auto Video thief - 64816129

This Guy Pulled a Carjacking at a Valet and it Looks Straight Out of GTA

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bad idea Video thief - 64496129

One Criminally Dumb Thief Attempted to Steal a Piece of Art Under His Hoodie

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This is the Only Anti-Theft Device Stores Need in the Social Media Age

warning sign thief failbook g rated - 8319524096
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Criminally Dumb Criminal Video thief - 64352257

Classic: The Thief Who Thought of Everything... Except Cutters

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BAMF ouch Video thief win - 64079873

There Was No Way This Robber Knew He Was Going to Be Dealing With an MMA Fighter. Now He'll Have the Bruises to Prove it.

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