Not a Theft Deterrent

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Drunks Make Terrible Thieves

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Wine Thieves Aren't Always Clever

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Video thief robbery Wait For It win - 64949249

An Armed Robbery With a Twist

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Criminally Dumb Criminal Grand Theft Auto Video thief - 64816129

This Guy Pulled a Carjacking at a Valet and it Looks Straight Out of GTA

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One Criminally Dumb Thief Attempted to Steal a Piece of Art Under His Hoodie

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This is the Only Anti-Theft Device Stores Need in the Social Media Age

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Classic: The Thief Who Thought of Everything... Except Cutters

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There Was No Way This Robber Knew He Was Going to Be Dealing With an MMA Fighter. Now He'll Have the Bruises to Prove it.

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A Little Orange Ball Keeps Robbers on Their Toes at Japanese Retail Stores

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The Makers of This Bike Claim it's "Unstealable," What do You Think?

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This Pizza Thief is Cunning, but Pure Evil

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Hopefully This One Sticks

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After Fifteen Years, a Thief Does the Right Thing for a Happy Couple

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Caught in the Act of Incriminating Selfies

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Only in Canada Are the Burglars This Nice

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