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Victor Frankenstein's Recycling Bin

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Created by rickshawrecords
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You'll Really Dig the Sick Metal This Guy Makes Out of a Shovel-Turned-Guitar

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Strapping a Pulse Jet to a Drift Trike is Equal Parts Dangerous and Fun

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You're Using "Fixed" Very Loosely

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Created by nicole.vivian

Finally Took the Plunge on Phone Accessories

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Created by Snake73

Dude It's Not Delivery, It's a Dell!

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Created by spazz1219

When Those Florida Seasons Are Just Getting Hotter, Staying Cool is Better Than Looking Cool

funny fail image there i fixed it car with extra air conditioner
Via Ed Stone

Second-Hand DollarShave Club Member

funny fail image Second-Hand DollarShave Club Member
Via MoldavianMike

The Stink-B-Gone

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Created by Mark
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If Parking Sensors Are a Bit Pricey, Try This Simple Solution

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The Future of Yard Work is Here

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These Drivers Can See the Silver Lining in a Leaking Pipe, a Free Public Car Wash

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When a Big Truck Flips Over, You might Want to Call These Guys

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The Secret to this BBQ is Making Sure You Have a Full Tank of Gas First

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And Then Chair Said 'Fiat Lux'

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Lights Out win Video there I fixed it - 74612737

When You're Stuck In Your Cubicle But Your High-Tech Office Lights Keep Turning Off...

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