there I fixed it

funny cool low budget fixes and stupid engineering solutions

Low Budget Fixes And Feats Of Domestic Engineering

If it works it's not stupi... is that a chainsaw sword?
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Boss insists spellcheck is broken, employee fixes it, and he writes gibberish

Boss Insists Spellcheck Is Broken, Has It "Fixed," Makes Gibberish Until Fired

Good ol' hubris.
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funny and wtf low budget engineering solutions

Intriguing and Sometimes Inadvisable DIY Solutions

If it works, it might still be stupid.
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stupid and low budget car fixes and mods

Low Budget Car Mods and Questionable Fixes

So is that permanent?
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guy fixes tv by hitting it really hard

TV Whisperer Fixes Issue Using Percussive Maintenance

Technical solutions are rarely so graceful.
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funny low budget engineering solutions | red car with just the door replaced by a silver one with the word "red" written on it | be chilling while all yall are sweating this season lawnmower with a built in air conditioner

Low Budget DIY Engineering Solutions

Looks like it works.
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low budget fixes and diy solutions | Alright everyone Let this sink moment car gear stick replaced with a glass bathroom knob | pipe with holes poked in it as a shower head

Low Budget Solutions and Fixes

It's not stupid if it works. Okay it might be really stupid.
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Funny, questionable, resourceful low budget fixes | Release Door Press Green Button DOOR RELEASE GREEN EXIT BUTTON red button | truck fixed with cardboard from a box REFRIGERADOR

Questionable "There I Fixed It" Moments

Wonder how that worked out.
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Funny low budget do it yourself fixes and creations | filling up a pool with water from a rain gutter installed on a roof | shaving blades attached to broken plastic forks

Low Budget Fixes and DIY Solutions

It might be an ugly or bad idea, but it still works.
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Funny and crazy do it yourself solutions | making a fork out of safety pins to eat canned fruit | children playground made from industrial tubes and pipes

Crafty Low Budget DIY Solutions

It's not stupid if it works.
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Funny low budget DIY fixes | metal pot attached to a tap in the wall pouring water into an open washing machine. broken clock, the missing numbers are instead written on the wall its hanging on

Resourceful DIY Solutions That Have Our Respect

With some ingenuity and a marker, a broken clock can be right all day.
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weird russian things

29 Interesting Images of Slavic-Themed Weirdness

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bricks art lego construction redneck fixed there I fixed it - 4981253

10 Highly Questionable Fixes

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snow table winter Video win there I fixed it - 84187137

No Shovel? No Problem!

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These 15 Drivers Might Be Pushing the Limits of Their Cars and Driving Skills a Little Too Far

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I C There is a Solution to the Doorknob Problem

FAIL DIY there I fixed it door - 8969065472
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