company secrets

Company Secrets People Can Share Now That They've Left

Oh no.
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creepy, cursed, weird wtf images

Cursed, Creepy and Weird Images From The Abyss

The abyss is the internet.
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trashy moments

Trashtacular Moments of Startling Garbage-osity

The world is full of surprises.
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entitled people and their demands

Entitled People Who Made People's Lives Definitively Worse

Why are people like this?
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insane psycho terrible wtf selfish relationships entitled - 16196357

Dirtbag Feels Entitled To Leave "Poor" Boyfriend After Saddling Him With Debt

That is some serious psycho behavior. The weird thing about certain people is that their capacity for soulless class-grabbing vastly outweighs their ability to self-reflect. And that's how you get absolutely vile and vampiric behavior such as this. The internet was quick to cut through this lady's lofty excuses and boiled her actions down to pure selfishness. For some more wildness, here's the stealing wife who turned fugitive and got tracked down.
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terrible horrible wtf facts disturbing creepy dark awful - 16170501

Creepy Facts To Help Keep Everyone Up At Night

If anyone needed a reason to lie silently in bed with their eyes open, consider “the heat death of the universe” or “Victorian Brits ate all the mummies” as decent insomnia fodder. The universe we live in is plagued with injustice, cruelty and gross realities, but hey, some of them are kind of cool to know. So here's some stuff to alienate your family at dinner. Here are some more freaky facts to feel weird about.
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13 images of haircut fails and facial hair fails | thumbnail left man with elaborate and terrible facial hair shaved design, thumbnail right man with rainbow dyed beard and facial hair " Barber: What ya want, fam? Guy: Do you watch My Little Pony? Barber: Say no more."

A 'Fails Galore' Series Of Haircuts Gone Wrong And Interesting Attempts At Facial Hair

Why, just why
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jerk moves people agree are bad

Things People All Basically Agree Are Jerk Moves

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Woman buys fake reservation to hotel, is unreasonable, and gets taken to the nonexistent 4th floor, the roof

Rude Customer Has Fraudulent Reservations For Fake Floor, Gets Taken To Roof

Had to see it with her own eyes.
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terrible horrible wtf toxic Death cringe nice guys relationships dating - 16071941

Shameless Unhinged Nice Guy Tries To Shoot His Shot At Recent Widow

Dear sweet lord. It shouldn't be that difficult for anyone to see that maybe it's a little gauche to aggressively hit on grieving people? In what world, universe, or reality was this dude even expecting with his tasteless, tactless passes at a person who's obviously going through so much? It's sufficiently creepy to have to accept that people like this exist, and what's worse is that they're not even all that uncommon. For some more jaw-dropping lowness, here are some women who dated toxic nice…
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awful employers and bad jobs twitter thread

Twitter Thread: People's Job-Search Nightmares And Unreasonable Bosses

It's wild out there.
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dating red flags people experienced

Enormous Red Flags That Made People Nope Out On Dates

"Something just came up."
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worst smells people have experienced

People Share The Worst Things They've Ever Had To Smell

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surprisingly difficult jobs

Jobs That Look Simple But Are Surprisingly Difficult

Every job is a job because someone else doesn't want to do it.
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funny stories of worst foods people have eaten

People Share The Worst Foods They've Ever Eaten

Taste is subjective, kind of.
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the worst smells people experienced

The Worst Smells People Had The Opportunity To Experience

A truly bad smell feels like a slap in the face.
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