what made people lose interest in their crush

25 People Share What Made Them Lose Interest in Someone Instantly

She's a 10 but she's mean to waiters.
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not fun facts

Unfun Facts to Quote at People Who Are Just Trying to Have a Good Time

"Uh, thanks for telling me."
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bad roommate stories

30 People Share Their Worst Roommate Experiences

It's the worst.
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unprofessional doctor stories

People Share The Most Unprofessional Thing A Doctor Has Told Them

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chaos, failure and misfortune

Chaotic Times Mayhem Ruined Someone's Day

Misfortune is just around the corner.
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choatic misfortune and fails

Chaotic Times Misfortune Ruined Someone's Day

The wheel of life is heavy.
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crazy things people's exes did

People Share The Craziest Things Their Exes Have Done

It's nice to be out.
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people's "I hate this guy" guy

People Share Their "I Can't Stand This Guy" Guy

Everyone's got one.
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scary weird and creepy warning signs

Ominous Signs That Pump Up The Creepiness

Uh, thanks sign?
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stories of people's bad neighbors

People Share Stories Of Their Nightmare Neighbors

Very cool, guys
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funny moments of kids being stupid and weird

Stupid Proof That Kids Are Almost a Different Species

They're out there, man.
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funny mistakes, errors and blunders

Goofs and Blunders That Should Have People Rethinking Their Choices

Observation is key.
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times people knew they screwed up

Moments That People Realized They Had Screwed Up

Oh no.
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Minecraft player destroys kid's diamonds for no reason

Minecraft Player Reveals Their Most Vile, Underhanded Act

Our faith in humanity was dug up and then buried deeper.
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failure chaos and misfortune

Unpredictable Moments Of Failure And Chaos

The world is a mess.
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entitled mom hears of daughter's broken leg, shuts off phone and goes on vacation

Daughter Breaks Leg, Psycho Karen Shuts Off Phone For Vacation, Doesn't Get Why Everyone Is Mad

What a piece of work.
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