messes, mistakes and misfortune

Misfortune Monday: It Goes On

And on and on.
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cruel pranks people witnessed

The Cruelest Pranks People Have Witnessed

Who is this fun for?
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misfortune and chaos

Misfortune Monday: Of Course Things Are Like This

Why wouldn't they be?
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facts that are sad and dissappointing

Upsetting Facts That Aren't Gonna Help Anyone's Mood

Bummer alert.
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entitled people and their horrible antics

Entitled People and Their Absurd Games

It never ends.
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horrible cursed gray food

Cursed Foods Of The Grayest Pallor

Food doesn't deserve to be gray.
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Unfortunate fails, mistakes, messes and chaos

Misfortune Monday: The World Keeps On Turnin'

Chaos reigns.
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errors, fails, messes and mistakes

Misfortune Monday: It Never Ends

It's all chaos, man.
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horrible gross looking cursed food | hot dogs covered in mashed potatoes and wrapped in melted cheese | green meatloaf tower decorated with chunks of chicken

Cursed Foods That are Uncomfortable to Look At

Smells like college.
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Mom traps black widow and babies escape | r/tifu Posted by u/Psalms143-6 TIFU by hatching nest hundreds baby BLACK WIDOW SPIDERS my bedroom This did, essentially, happen today couple weeks ago my 5 year old daughter found black widow mom and her egg sack. She wanted look at so very carefully scooped up into jar, twisted on top and went around with duct tape good measure. She begged let them hatch so she could watch them, and this seemed be decent science homeschooling, after which

Mom Lets Black Widows Hatch, They Escape

Oh no.
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products that were changed and made worse | DomesticApe23 17 hours ago B 5 28 3 6 E2 Australia, Heinz removed classic 420g can baked beans and replaced with three different sizes, none which are appropriate amount beans no longer eat Heinz beans.

Companies "Improved" Products That Are Objectively Worse

Change is terrible.
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Stories of how people's Christmases were ruined | xClovis7 My cousins got mini bounce house and popped with like 10 kids inside all under 8 amount crying broke my eardrums

People Share What Ruined Their Christmas

It's not all presents and smiles.
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immoral acts that are still legal to do | plankto-ed 6.6k points 19 hours ago 3 e S Unplugging friends phone charge own visiting their house

Things That Are Immoral But Not Quite Illegal

It's not illegal to be horrible.
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disgusting cursed food | pasta covered in gray gross sauce gravy | cabbage emptied and carved into a bowl and stuffed with something brown

Cursed Foods from Satan's Crock Pot

Cooking shouldn't look this dangerous.
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Horrible and gross cursed food | IMPROVED TASTE Wish Bone Campbell's Turkey Chunky Blue Cheese GRAVY sauces in spray bottles | toilet bowl used to eat cereal

Cursed Foods from the Devil's Pantry

Satan is a chef and he is angry.
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Not fun facts about horrible and terrible things | gkibbe 20.7k points 10 hours ago People who handle cockroaches develop allergies them. This usually prevents them drinking pre- ground coffee because cockroaches get grounded with large batches.

Not-So-Fun Facts To Feel Bad About

Oh... cool.
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