black markets at schools

People Explain The Black Markets at Their Schools

Anything can become a commodity.
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teacher demands to talk to mom, parent brings ashes

Teacher Insists On Talking To Mom, Parent Brings Wife's Ashes

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A Tumblr thread about how people will lie to get themselves the right job or grade in school.

A Tumblr Post On Lack Of Scientific Integrity

Humans are complex creatures.
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student appeals failing grade, gets justice against bad professor

Unfair Teacher Fails Half Of Class, Student Settles The Score

Gotta learn somehow.
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humor school teacher prank ridiculous education funny Video - 107317505

Math Professor Fixes Projector Screen

Nice one there, teach.
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Teacher makes false claim against student, so student's mom unleashes pro revenge.

Teacher Makes False Claim Against Student, Student's Mom Takes Revenge

Some teachers are worse than others.
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school awesome teacher education Video - 106816769

Retired Middle School Teacher Shows Off Axe Throwing Skills

Dude needs his own show.
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A bookworm student has their book confiscated, and then their master plan springs into action.

Bookworm Student Has Book Confiscated, Master Plan Springs Into Action

Bookworms unite.
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Teacher gets pink slip, uses bad student skills to get back at faculty | r/MaliciousCompliance Posted by u/itsthebman12 19 hours ago O 5 4 3 3 4 Have students build oc M am Technology Education teacher who always went above and beyond my school, students, and administrators spent countless hours designing and building things school e. signs, murals, wall art, games, etc really didn't mind because enjoy design challenges go along with these builds until received pink slip those who are not aware

Teacher Given Pink Slip, Chooses Least Qualified Students for School Project

Well that's one way to send a message.
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Deaf kids learn about how farts work | Anna Trupiano Monday at 2:30 PM O Today 1st grade one my Deaf students farted loudly class and other students turned look at them following is snippet 15 minute conversation happened entirely American Sign Language among group Deaf students and. Kid 3 do know which farts they can hear and which farts they can't Hmmm know sometimes can feel butt move fart lot those they can hear. But if butt doesn't move 's more likely they didn't hear Kid 1: TELL THEM STOP

Deaf Kids Learn About Farts

Teaching deaf kids about how farts work is hilariously wholesome.
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student corrects teacher about birds and tries to get kid punished for it

Student Corrects Teacher, Teacher Can't Handle It

Let the judgement commence.
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twitter thread: Teacher grades class jokes

Twitter Thread: Teacher Grades Class's Joke Skills

It's a mixed bag.
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Teacher underestimates students with balloon test | solarmorrigan So. 10th grade English class all come one morning find balloon and perfectly sharpened pencil on each our desks. No instructions, no explanation, which is strange, because our teacher is meticulous about sort thing couple people try ask her and she says get She takes role and then announces she needs go copy room and she'll be back couple minutes

Tumblr Story: Teacher Underestimates Students in Social Experiment

Hey, they're not the worst all the time.
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funny teacher introduces technology of his classroom

Teacher Introduces The Technological Wonders of His Classroom

Such quality tech up in there.
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bad professor doesn't let student with ADHD use tablet, gets fired | Posted by u/KiSpacePanda Tell drop class if don't like rules? Okay, then lose 5 students and job. oc M This happened years ago but post on here reminded So freshman college registered basic ass English 102 course doubled as humanities credit thought “great, two birds one stone" despite Rate My Professor this class being abysmal at best.

Rude Professor Won't Allow ADA Compliant Tablet, Pays for It

Why be like this?
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Neighbor gets hostile with Grandpa, so Grandpa teaches the neighbor a lesson | r/MaliciousCompliance u/[deleted 1y Join 1 3 3 Neighbor tells Gramps he should "mind his own damn business advice costs neighbor most his yard and car. L Gramps had just moved into retirement park with lot backed up county land nature preserve. His backyard basically non-existent, but he didn't mind as he got look out over preserve, however he did marvel at his next door neighbor's backyard extended good 8ft past his

Neighbor Gets Hostile With Gramps, Gramps Teaches Neighbor A Lesson

Gramps wasn't playing games.
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