A mean teacher won't believe student, so student takes revenge by reading all the books | r/ProRevenge u/Anonamaton 2y Join 3 Yes, Mrs. Smith can F*CKING read. Hello all! l'm not sure pro my fifth grader ass but this miserable 6-year-period my education still kinda pisses off, even today. Please forgive necessary backstory don't know why, but some reason teachers and administrators who ran my strict Catholic elementary school decided lying about my reading/writing abilities.

Mean Teacher Won't Believe Student, Student Proves Teacher Wrong

Feel kind of bad for Cathy though.
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Teacher tries to confiscate diabetes pump | r/MaliciousCompliance Posted by u/Sugar_Daddy24 20 hours ago Phone? Sorry, just my diabetes pump. oc M Just found this sub! This story dates back my senior year high school (2013 My school quite small had graduating class 92 so everyone knew everyone. All teachers were amazing and very involved our academic lives, but most part had nothing but good intentions. Unfortunately there 1 teacher, our English AP teacher, who just an absolute jerk. She type

Teacher Thinks Diabetes Pump is Phone, Tries to Confiscate It

The ol' swticheroo.
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Strict teacher tells student not to speak, so they don't in front of admin | Posted by u/alexsangthat 15 hours ago Overly-strict teacher learns pick her battles oc L So forgot about this story until read recent post on here about grade-school-smartasses and my memory jarred. This is story am not proud as am now teacher, and if had student behave way my rotten ass did this story probably pull my hair out, but fits this sub so here go 6th grade, my class got new science teacher will call her Ms. M

Strict Teacher Tells Student Not to Speak, Totally Backfires

They were just doing what they were told.
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A quick and funny Tumblr thread about kids worshipping a stuffed octopus | ralsalot not teacher (yet) but do work with students and one them had nerve look dead eye and ask why would be bad idea eat this entire marker They're 11 official-lyzzystardust An 4th grader asked high five by saying little slappy make daddy happy?"

Tumblr Post: Kids Worship Teacher's Stuffed Octopus

Kids just do the silliest things.
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A collection of the funniest reviews that students left for teachers | helicopterpurple 12h 's two words long devil Twice got twice. Either two students left or one wanted make sure didn't miss Either way whooped out loud and showed all my friends Understand, most my scores are positive, and do care about my students think and doing right by them. But just hit funny devil Reply 319

Funniest Reviews Students Left For Teachers

Students can be ruthless.
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Student turns in essay with joke name for professor | zo Zoeyoxley Follow series unfortunate events: Wers Se Clth es mw 21 Tu ig -FAR100eLECJALL 20 turnitin Aint inbe sigments ass, vw adationel assgnment Welcome new class homepagal cless homepage werraton, subrt work, and acess foectack papes Hover on any hem cias homepage tor mon intomtion Class Homepage Thisa cless homepage o subnt an assignment click on he na buton t ansignet rame Fhe Snt buton ia grayed out no sbniions can be

The Time a Student Got Their Professor's Name Incredibly Wrong

Somehow it worked out.
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Mean teacher loses students' papers, fails half of the class, and proceeds to get fired | r/ProRevenge u/[deleted 273d JOIN Want fail half class because lost our papers? Enjoy early retirement! So this happened during senior year high school 4 years ago had an english teacher named Mrs. Smith. Mrs. Smith, or she liked refer herself, Dr. Smith (she didn't have doctorates mean old bat hated anything and everything. She ugly inside and out.

Teacher Loses Students' Papers, Fails Half Of Class, Enjoys Early Retirement

Good riddance.
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Various things that teachers did that people are still upset about | AnonymouslyRoaster 3d My 6th grade history teacher would clip his toenails class, now have foot phobia. Reply 3.0k

Stunts Teachers Pulled That Still Anger People

Some good old grudges.
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Teachers describe the moments that they realized kids were gifted | CountPeter 4h used put math joke/puzzle corner white board. Essentially 3 Golden Triangle numbers arranged triangle, and puzzle which gave letter as result middle short an Illuminati joke had this up quite few classes, with nobody being able guess on earth Until last class day student who suffered particularly invasive Autism just came took maybe 3 seconds at most, and then laughed saying "Why have drawn illuminati symbol on boa

Moments Teachers Realized Kids Were Gifted

Pretty fascinating stuff.
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Complaint texts from teen students who had to take care of a fake baby | Can shut off my baby Today 6:14 AM Hello miss lefebvre can please shut child Today 7:48 AM Good morning can't shut off or control baby is scheduled times picked programmed can't control If or tired or frustrated, ask someone help If absolutely cannot do anymore there is an emergency shut off would end baby completely and would stop process totally. If want do this, let know.

Texts from Students Who Had to Take Care of Electronic Babies

Good thing it's a doll.
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Mean teacher loses students' papers, fails half of the class, student reports her | r/ProRevenge JOIN u/[deleted 1y Want fail half class because lost our papers? Enjoy early retirement! So this happened during senior year high school 4 years ago had an english teacher named Mrs. Smith. Mrs. Smith, or she liked refer herself, Dr. Smith (she didn't have doctorates mean old bat hated anything and everything. She ugly inside and out.

Mean Teacher Loses Students' Papers, Fails Half Of Class, Student Reports Her

A+ work on the revenge.
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Crazy WTF school presentations | sharmander15 29.8k points 1 day ago edited 1 day ago Someone my class did book report on dictionary teacher pissed, all us students thought hilarious. Never heard end presentation.

Class Presentations that went Off The Rails

Good times.
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Teacher takes revenge on students that keep messing with group members | Keep screwing over group members? This teacher is tired shit. TLDR group seniors spend all year fucking over their classmates so teacher) wreck their final semester. This is my first post ever, and reasons will soon become obvious, this channel speaks depths my soul s also very long one because want delight my destruction particular flavor this revenge comes fact everything goes down is result domino effect leaves

Seniors Slack Off, Group Members Suffer, Teacher Takes Poetic Revenge

What a beautifully written tale of delicious revenge.
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Dangerous, weird and stupid things confiscated by teachers | Bubblykit 11.9k points 2 days ago 3 One my teachers took my yo-yo and tried do trick she "once knew" and smashed window.

Wild and Dumb Stuff Teachers Confiscated

Schools are jungles with lockers.
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Offended christian mom thinks color wheel is satanic imagery | Elementary Art Teachers K-5th had talk parent today because student concerned color wheel worksheet assigned looked too "satanic had hoped parent would see benign, but after talking with their pastor parent confirmed they didn't feel comfortable having their child complete image all respecting beliefs but completely beside myself! star of david with different colors at the edges

Mistaken Christian Mom Upset By Color Wheel

It doesn't even have 5 points.
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Tutor mistakenly calls student by the name of their laptop | r/tifu posted by emmyeggo TIFU by accidentally calling student by name their laptop work as tutor my university. This means lot students pop by asking general academic assistance.

Tutor Accidentally Calls Student By Name Of Their Laptop

I'd let the teacher keep going as long as possible.
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