Teacher is told they are to have hours docked, turns out school owes them 10 times as much

Teacher Accused Of Time Theft, Turns Out School Owes Them 10 Times As Much

Good old contracts.
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teacher memes

Teaching Memes That Are At Least Better Than Homework

Oh, public schools.
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aita teacher parenting - 16914437

Irate Mother Stands Up For Daughter When Teacher Turns Her Harrassment Into "Lesson"

I'm willing to believe that this teacher didn't understand the full context of the situation. When you're constantly handling and overseeing the disagreements of 30+ students it's easy for the antagonists and antagonized to all blur together into a milkshake of “He said, She said” statements. With that context and understanding in mind, it becomes fitting to apply the generalized “lessons” to the entire involved group. From the teacher's perspective, how do you even know that one particular stu…
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new principal tells teacher to quit job, so they quit teaching job

New Principal Tells Teacher To Quit Second Job, Quits Teaching Job

Do the math.
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kids say what makes a good person twitter thread

Teacher Asks Kids What Makes A Good Person, Gets Mixed Results

They were on the right track.
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“We’re going to have to throw them away”

Malicious Compliance: Frustrated Technology Teacher Destroys Fifty Computers Following Boss's Poor Choice of Words

This tech instructor, u/Personal_Lavishness4 , worked as a volunteer at a private high school in the 90s, waited patiently for the school to approve a budget to put him onto salary, and adequately introduce computers to the school. Unfortunately, this technology wasn't a priority for the old hats running the school, and they found every reason not to approve the budget. The school director was notoriously tight and thought that he had struck a bargain when he convinced a bank to donate their ol…
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funny times teachers witnessed kids say funny things

Teachers Share Times They Had To Stop Themselves From Laughing At Their Students

Those were the days.
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Girl gets moral revenge on her old High School teacher

Girl Gets Revenge On Teacher Who Told Her That She Would Never Succeed in the Best Way Possible

Girl gets moral revenge on her old High School teacher by being successful
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fired principal revenge teachers teacher - 15958789

Targeted Teacher Gets Manipulative Principal Fired From Her Position

A modern take on David vs. Goliath.
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rules wtf injury teacher Professors lol story college - 16245509

Teacher's No Hats Policy Meets Match In Recent Car Crash Survivor

It's interesting how quickly priorities can shift. In one moment everyone's all up in arms about hat wearing, and the next moment the teacher is yelling at you to spare everyone the pulsing, leaking nightmare of your Jason Vorhees-like scalp. All we're asking for is a little consistency, but that's a separate tragedy. Here are some other dumb rules schools enforced.
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childcare daycare antiwork great resignation teacher illegal big quit preschool - 16196613

Preschool Teacher Reveals Owner’s Predatory and Illegal Employment Practices to the Kid's Parents

Sounds like something the IRS might be interested in.
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Stories of teachers who were nice, thoughtful and good. | Scratch_That_ 2 days ago 2 3 English teacher high school asked where my homework Responded forgot do and he said rest class "Why can't guys be like Scratch_That_? He doesn't come up with some excuse he just tells he didn't do

Teachers Who Pulled Total Bro Moves

It was rare but it happened.
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Teacher uses administration's frustrating rules against them | r/MaliciousCompliance Posted by u/Otchayannij 12 hours ago They're rules oc M an English teacher Moscow. At beginning school year asked week time off around holiday, so could travel some got denied so week came around pleased most my classes had been canceled because students had same idea had and were all going on vacation get an email administration stating cover classes another teacher. Who taking vacation week had asked So alread

Teacher Flips The Script on Frustrating Administration

Aannd mic drop.
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teacher's dihydrogen monoxide lesson on tumblr | dihydrogenmonoxideawareness DIHYDROGEN MONOXIDE IS AN ACID WITH PH LEVEL 7 DIHYDROGEN MONOXIDE AWARENESS 'S HIGHER PH LEVEL THAN ANY OTHER ACID! | Why would anyone want consume etherealastraea teach my 7th graders about dangers dihydrogen monoxide bring graduated cylinder and talk about s used nuclear power plants and gmo crops inhaling even small amount l'm holding can lead suffocation or even death s found vaccines and cancer cells, but also

Tumblr Thread: Teacher's Great Dihydrogen Monoxide Lesson

It's important stuff, man.
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teachers responses to test doodles

Twitter Thread: Times Students And Teachers Interacted Over Test Doodles

Keep on a-doodlin'.
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Teacher's wholesome moment with a moody student comes full circle | Story time Back 14-15 school year teaching science Orange at challenging year as middle school is generally pretty terrible everyone involved had one period honors students filled with pretty bright spectrum students. There one girl who sat front and filled with typical middle school angst. Always had her black hoodie on and up, with her sleeves past her hands; and hair front her face. She quiet and kept herself.

Teacher's Emotional Moment With Moody Student Comes Full Circle

Get ready for a feels trip.
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