Teacher underestimates students with balloon test | solarmorrigan So. 10th grade English class all come one morning find balloon and perfectly sharpened pencil on each our desks. No instructions, no explanation, which is strange, because our teacher is meticulous about sort thing couple people try ask her and she says get She takes role and then announces she needs go copy room and she'll be back couple minutes

Tumblr Story: Teacher Underestimates Students in Social Experiment

Hey, they're not the worst all the time.
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funny teacher introduces technology of his classroom

Teacher Introduces The Technological Wonders of His Classroom

Such quality tech up in there.
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bad professor doesn't let student with ADHD use tablet, gets fired | Posted by u/KiSpacePanda Tell drop class if don't like rules? Okay, then lose 5 students and job. oc M This happened years ago but post on here reminded So freshman college registered basic ass English 102 course doubled as humanities credit thought “great, two birds one stone" despite Rate My Professor this class being abysmal at best.

Rude Professor Won't Allow ADA Compliant Tablet, Pays for It

Why be like this?
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Stories of teachers who were nice, thoughtful and good. | Scratch_That_ 2 days ago 2 3 English teacher high school asked where my homework Responded forgot do and he said rest class "Why can't guys be like Scratch_That_? He doesn't come up with some excuse he just tells he didn't do

Teachers Who Pulled Total Bro Moves

It was rare but it happened.
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teacher's dihydrogen monoxide lesson on tumblr | dihydrogenmonoxideawareness DIHYDROGEN MONOXIDE IS AN ACID WITH PH LEVEL 7 DIHYDROGEN MONOXIDE AWARENESS 'S HIGHER PH LEVEL THAN ANY OTHER ACID! | Why would anyone want consume etherealastraea teach my 7th graders about dangers dihydrogen monoxide bring graduated cylinder and talk about s used nuclear power plants and gmo crops inhaling even small amount l'm holding can lead suffocation or even death s found vaccines and cancer cells, but also

Tumblr Thread: Teacher's Great Dihydrogen Monoxide Lesson

It's important stuff, man.
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Neighbor gets hostile with Grandpa, so Grandpa teaches the neighbor a lesson | r/MaliciousCompliance u/[deleted 1y Join 1 3 3 Neighbor tells Gramps he should "mind his own damn business advice costs neighbor most his yard and car. L Gramps had just moved into retirement park with lot backed up county land nature preserve. His backyard basically non-existent, but he didn't mind as he got look out over preserve, however he did marvel at his next door neighbor's backyard extended good 8ft past his

Neighbor Gets Hostile With Gramps, Gramps Teaches Neighbor A Lesson

Gramps wasn't playing games.
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A quick Tumblr thread about college professors with max chill | stimman3000 Follow Subject: make up assignment whats poppin carolina can get an assignment my 20% back. also im la do want anything thats like under $20 there thanks, alex

Quick Tumblr Thread Of Professors With Max Chill

Oh, to have had one of these teachers.
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Horrible parent expects too much from teacher | just don't want contacting him am not comfortable and will let him know as well. If my child is not on computer is my expectation will call and let know daily don't have time keep up with her and all this work. Again am not her teacher. If going give out zeros expect come here and help her s alI. As much as would love do ma'am is not feasible have 54 students and cannot call parents every student who is not logged on daily avoid any further

Parent Blames Teacher for Kid Not Being In Virtual Class

Cartwheeling through logical hoops over here.
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A Tumblr post about kids' various hilarious misconceptions about teachers | icouldwritebooks love little kids l'm teaching online have complete and total misconceptions s going on. So far encountered following: 1. T had been teaching little girl several months one day she said My mother says real person, not an app. If real person, show husband.

Tumblr Post: Kids' Hilarious Misconceptions About Teachers

Kids actually think teachers are apps.
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students that passed exam get to shave teacher's head

Students Score Well On Test, Cut Teacher's Hair As Prize

This teacher deserves his own prize.
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heartwarming inspirational video teacher helps student overcome speech impairment

Teacher Helps Student Overcome Severe Stammer

We're not crying, you're crying.
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Student wins art contest to spite teacher | r/MaliciousCompliance Posted by u/ADrunkenScott My teacher called my work bad and my attitude even worse then got featured biggest art gallery country. oC L might not be right sub, my art teacher said wasn't good enough so worked my damn hardest prove him wrong is summary. Context school go is well respected my country, so not uncommon venues request display students work or ask students sing live them. On occasion question largest art

Student Wins Art Contest to Spite Rude Art Teacher

Motivation can come from anywhere.
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A Twitter thread about a student looking up their impactful teacher on Twitter | Raifa Rafiq @RaifaRafiq OMFG! Guys. There literally teacher at school who loved so dearly (English teacher she left year 10) and don't even know why but randomly decided do internet stalkies because l've always wanted find her and thank her because gosh l love her.

Twitter Thread: Student Finds Life Changing Teacher On Twitter

The good teachers really make a difference.
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A Twitter thread about a teacher handling a non English speaking student | As formerly non-English speaking immigrant, here is story cherish s 1997 just moved Korea Los Angeles area took regular English courses Korea, and good enough get out ESL classes and into regular 10th grade classes.

Twitter Thread: English Teacher Meets Foreign Student With Understanding

A little push can go a long way!
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Students prank their teacher, and the teacher ends up having the last laugh | r/ProRevenge mikebwn_80 Students pranked had last laugh spent about 10 years teaching high school humanities at small private school my first two years didn't have classroom, just small office would bring needed each class on cart and go room room, depending on which teacher had prep at any given time. This incredibly inconvenient and, not being most organized teachers begin with, made things difficult keep

Wholesome Revenge: Students Prank Teacher, Teacher Has Last Laugh

Wholesome revenge is the way to go.
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Karen Teacher breakfast story | r/MaliciousCompliance Posted by u/zeromig 21 hours ago Skip on high school senior tradition? Never, but about double-serving malicious compliance instead? oc M This isn't my story, but happened some high school classmates mine late 1990s. Unfortunately wasn't smart enough be part AP Calculus class teacher had tradition held up at least decade, where, if brought college acceptance letter be invited his Breakfast Club: essentially, instead taking math final exam

Chill Teacher Foils Anti-Breakfast Karen

And on that day, not just IHOP but everyone HOP.
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