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Guy Tattoos Girlfriend's Name on His Neck, She Comes to His Defense When He Gets Blasted in the Comments

I wonder where they are now?
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Tattoo artist uses the bathroom seven times, and the customer leaves a smaller tip as a result.

Tattoo Artist Uses Bathroom Seven Times, Customer Leaves Smaller Tip, Tattoo Artist Complains

Seems like a fair enough tradeoff.
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dumb and bad first time tattoo stories

People's Worst and Dumbest First Tattoo Experiences

It's an artform.
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A choosy beggar sends a series of enraged, completely clueless messages to a tattoo artist.

Entitled Customer Threatens Tattoo Parlor With Nasty Review, Tattoo Parlor Beats Them To It

Oh boy, they handled that beautifully.
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tattoo artist charges for time spent in bathroom, spends 35 minutes in bathroom

Tattoo Artist Charges For 35 Minutes Spent In The Bathroom

That's kind of a lot, right?
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ugly and bad tattoos

Really Not Super Great Tattoos

Hey, people can do what they want.
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Skillfully made but very weird creations | realistic human face made out of meat with olives for eyes | Chernobyl nuclear disaster snow globe

Skillful Creations of Questionable Taste

"No, it's good, but yikes."
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funny stories of stupid tattoo mistakes | willieyobslayer Once had client call shop who crying 10 26 More hysterically because, according her had done her tattoo backwards took few minutes get her calm down point where realized she looking at mirror. She apologized and hung up.

Stupid Mistakes Tattoo Artists Witnessed

Always double check the spelling.
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An entitled teen wants to steal a tattoo artist's design, doesn't understand their frustration. | going get tattoo. 1h Reply Hide replies sel tattoo rights and linework on my Etsy buy and can get clean like work file give tattooer! 1h Reply

Entitled Teen Wants To Steal Tattoo Artist's Design, Doesn't Understand Their Anger

The ignorance is strong with this one.
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Bride wants to airbrush over her bridesmaid's tattoos | SOS need advice comes large tats. My foster sister has few very large mural tattoos on her arms! She is only one wedding who will have tattoos showing paying lot perfect wedding and photographer so am really struggling with do do not want be bride, but they are going stand out like sore thumb as they are very vibrant. Do ask airbrush make up lady go over them as know 's possible or do work with photographer and see if she could edit them

Bride Wants To Airbrush Over Bridesmaid's Tattoos

Let the tattoos be.
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Karen goes crazy on Tattoo shop owner story | r/IDontWorkHerelady Posted by u/Complex_River 7 46 S11 5 20 hours ago Karen goes tattoo shop XXXXL Maybe 10 years ago owned tattoo shop located next door (same strip mall piercing shop had gone next door watch lobby piercer while they ran and grabbed some change. So karen walks and get why she thinks work there sitting behind counter K here last week and fucked up my piercing. Its infected now and need fix dont work here just

Tattoo Artist Deals With Totally Feral Karen

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male karen wants tatttoo and is rude | premises last night make booking my partner and myself be tattooed were told NOT POSSIBLE and would not be booked our CHOSEN DATE Tuesday first December. My partner and have been thinking about this tattoo OVER YEAR young man at door terribly curt with us asked speak manager, he told us he OWNER find this very hard believe, as he had large tattoo on side his head would appreciate reply MANAGER ONLY and if this is not my satisfaction will be taking things

Male Karen Doesn't Believe Tattoo Shop Owner, Gets Reckoning

He didn't want to believe it.
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Conversation with mom about tattoo that says "i don't know" | kick ass My new tattoo did get Today Why isn't covered They need breath. Only cover first couple hours Oh Make sure keep clean Its nice Thanks lady W did mean don't know Really Yeah Why didn't ask meant don't know kidding right No

Person Explains "I do not know" Tattoo to Mom

It's a bit of a "who's on first."
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Funny stories of bad tattoo choices | ReverendAISharkton 5.9k points 20 hours ago getting work done and receptionist came speak with artist. She had someone at front desk looking quote on "Barbed wire starting around his wrist and wrapping around his arm all way up shoulder about nothing, because 's stupid and won't do Oh, uh, okay tell him He looked at and said Sometimes have be good taste police did Nike Swoosh once broke and still regret

Tattoo Choices That Had People Asking Questions

It's good to think twice sometimes.
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People describe the most cringeworthy types of tattoos that they've seen | Gingeraffe25 1d Couple tattoos like portraits or names. Mostly they proudly tell s because they've been together 5 months and just know they stay together forever. Reply 11.0k

Most Cringeworthy Types Of Tattoos

Definitely worth avoiding these types of tattoos.
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A collection of tattoo fails that are truly bizarre | creepy feminine eyes with long lashes tattooed on the back of a bald person's head | If U STAY, GO. STAY DO IT EVER TODAY

Strange, Awkward, And Puzzling Tattoos

The regret must've been real.
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