Pay Your Tattoo Artists. | "It takes several sessions across weeks. She repeatedly has to postpone payment, but he's chill, family friend, Yada Yada. Until it comes to the last session, when it slips that she still doesn't have the money, and more importantly, WON'T have the money. Like, ever."

'Right up her spine this idiot now has a massive veiny appendage': Tattoo artist gets revenge on client when they learn they have no intention of paying

This entitled ignorant idiot had no intention of paying for a massive tattoo that needed to be completed across multiple sessions. Each session, they had some excuse as to why they weren't able to pay, and this carried on until the last session. Just before the start of the last session, they accidentally let slip their intentions to skip without paying the bill, seeing the writing on the wall and their labor already lost… The artist decided to exact some incredibly suited revenge. I feel like…
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inked viral videos plumber employee-standards tradesman face tattoo blackout-tattoo carpenter tattoos self employed bold-tattoos blue collar hand tattoo electrician - 1619719

'This is what self-employment looks like': Tradesman with bold tattoos from head to toe shows off his skilled craftsmanship and shuts up antiquated employee standards

“I can look like this because my work looks like that."
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aita tattoos Reddit culture - 16732421

Insane Tattoo Artist Brands Client With Their Initials, Can't Believe Client Is Upset

It's hard to imagine literally branding another human being and thinking that is ok but that is exactly what happened when this riled client made an unfortunate choice in a tattoo artist. This story was posted to Reddit's r/AmItheAsshole subreddit by u/TattoodNoobAITA (OP), the tattooed individual in question. The tattoo was to be a sentimental ‘heirloom’ type of piece as it was a tattoo that had been received by three generations of the men in OP's family. So it was essential that the piece lo…
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exposure influencer tattoos choosing beggar - 16266501

Choosing Beggar Wants Free Tattoo Since “It’s Just a Hobby”

These people are the worst.
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18 bad tattoos | thumbnail left onion tattoo in woman's armpit, thumbnail right jesus didn't tapout tattoo

Series Of Very Bad Tattoos That Are Flat Out Not Good

Big yikes
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interesting and artistic creations with not much taste

Impressive Creations of Dubious Taste

People are definitely creative.
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tattoos tattoo Ugliest Tattoos - 16050949

32 Clever Tattoo Coverups That Made the Best of a Bad Situation

Coming through with the clutch save!
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FAIL tattoos cursed images Ugliest Tattoos bad haircut funny fails funny - 16050693

36 Things That Are Just Very Not Smart

This is definitely not a collection of the best ideas of all time.
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tattoos that turned scars into art

Tattoos That Transformed Scars And Birthmarks Into Works Of Art

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guy gets "Charlie" tattooed on arm, it's his fictional child's name before breaking up

Guy Gets Theoretical Future Child's Name Tattooed On Arm, Breaks Up

That's rough.
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tattoo, dating, relationship, relationship fail

Guy Tattoos Girlfriend's Name on His Neck, She Comes to His Defense When He Gets Blasted in the Comments

I wonder where they are now?
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Tattoo artist uses the bathroom seven times, and the customer leaves a smaller tip as a result.

Tattoo Artist Uses Bathroom Seven Times, Customer Leaves Smaller Tip, Tattoo Artist Complains

Seems like a fair enough tradeoff.
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dumb and bad first time tattoo stories

People's Worst and Dumbest First Tattoo Experiences

It's an artform.
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A choosy beggar sends a series of enraged, completely clueless messages to a tattoo artist.

Entitled Customer Threatens Tattoo Parlor With Nasty Review, Tattoo Parlor Beats Them To It

Oh boy, they handled that beautifully.
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tattoo artist charges for time spent in bathroom, spends 35 minutes in bathroom

Tattoo Artist Charges For 35 Minutes Spent In The Bathroom

That's kind of a lot, right?
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ugly and bad tattoos

Really Not Super Great Tattoos

Hey, people can do what they want.
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