summer fails

Deck Chair Fail

article balls classic embarrassing failboat newspaper ouch stuck summer fails swimming - 4287072768
See all captions Created by DamTierney

Electrical Safety FAIL!

drinking electrical g rated pool stupid summer fails - 3978639616
See all captions Created by Snookiefish

About to FAIL

About to Fail failboat g rated jump outdoors pool summer fails water - 4018818816
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Slide FAIL

faceplant failboat pool slide summer fails water slide - 3914846464
See all captions Created by MoonLight38

Sign Fail

failboat g rated gross Lights Out missing letters pools signs summer fails swimming - 3889973504
See all captions Created by killaclause

Bobcat Driver Fail

driver failboat g rated pool summer fails - 3667790336
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Toilet Fail

failboat g rated sign summer fails swimming toilet - 3610553856
See all captions Created by PugSnapper

Beach Flip Fail

beach failboat flip miss summer fails - 3563670272
See all captions Created by ollie

Actual Size Fail

failboat pool summer fails tiny toy - 3555337984
See all captions Created by jakelong

Beach Day Fail

bad idea beach car driving failboat ocean summer fails - 3560264960
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Pop Up Fail

failboat g rated inflatable kids poo pool pop up summer fails - 3531093504
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Pool Fail

closed pool sex signs summer fails - 3158436608
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Tan Fail

beach g rated legs summer fails tan tan lines - 3057778432
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Observant Mom Fail

beach child drag g rated kids mom summer fails - 2367448832
See all captions Created by Bianca
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