summer fails

Sprinkler Placement FAIL

failboat grass g rated stupidity summer summer fails water - 5051497472
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Slip n Slide FAIL

failboat gifs g rated miss slide summer summer fails - 5023531008
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Slide Size FAIL

failboat g rated photoshop summer summer fails toys - 5008800000
See all captions Created by Chad Bryden

Spray Tan FAIL

bros failboat g rated gross summer summer fails tanning - 4915363072
See all captions Created by Andraea Lynne

Picnic Outfit FAIL

camouflage clothing failboat poorly dressed summer summer fails - 4940367104
Created by Jennifer

Enjoying the Ride FAIL

disney failboat g rated Hall of Fame summer fails vacation vomit - 4911991808
See all captions Created by Gene

Getting Away FAIL

camping failboat g rated oh canada summer fails technology vacation - 4942221312
See all captions Created by MinnieKitt3n

Ice Transportation FAIL

failboat g rated hot ice Professional At Work summer summer fails water - 4941258240
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Slip 'n Slide FAIL

failboat falling g rated headshot physical comedy slide slip n slide summer summer fails - 4767770112
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Pool Flip FAIL

failboat falling friend gifs g rated ouch pool summer summer fails - 4733667328

Probably Bad News: Playing Pool FAIL

failboat innuendo ouch pool Probably bad News sports summer fails - 4679303680

Kayak Diving FAIL

failboat falling gifs g rated pool sports summer fails swimming - 4622100992

Fun on the Beach FAIL

beach classic failboat fun g rated ocean pool really summer fails water - 4556670464
See all captions Created by geha714

Handstand Fail

beach failboat giggling probably caused g rated outdoors summer fails - 4522482176
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Beach Ride FAIL

bad idea beach driving failboat g rated sand summer fails truck waves - 4489824512
See all captions Created by geha714

Dive Fail

diving failboat g rated ouch summer fails swimming - 4483734784
See all captions Created by joecaholic

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