A collection of times that people failed to do their jobs correctly.

People That Definitely Missed Their Mark

Oh well, there's always tomorrow.
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A collection of fails from people that didn't do their one job correctly | Had One Job @_youhadonejob1 If video games have taugt anything, rotating these will unlock next room |  Brid Brid $1.19 THIS ITEM IS REDUCED DUE MISSPELLING Bird WORD BIRD. THANK .

Prime Fails From People Not Doing Their Jobs Correctly

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European tries to bake girlfriend a cake, and then a hilarious fail ensues.

European Tries To Bake Girlfriend Cake, Fails To Convert Celsius To Fahrenheit

It was well intentioned, at least.
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FAIL struggle accident ridiculous funny Video - 106545153

Man Opens Back Of Car, 30 Softballs Roll Out, Proceeds To Ponder Meaning Of Life

We all have our moments.
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Man parks his car improperly too many times, and then a stinky punishment ensues.

Man Parks Improperly Too Many Times, Stinky Punishment Ensues

What a fascinating tale.
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Dude experiences an absolutely horrendous farting experience while on a road trip. | TIFU by eating 8 chocolate fiber bars before long car ride with family and experiencing most absurd gas leak history.

Dude Consumes 8 Chocolate Fibre Bars, Historical Gas Leak Ensues

So much ouch.
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A collection of tall people problems that tall people can relate to. | man sitting on a chair with his feet on the chair in front of him | person driving a car with his head poking out of the sunroof

Tall People Problems From The World's Giants

Those spiderwebs though.
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A collection of the worst scams that people fell for when they were young and gullible. | fist_is_also_a_verb Columbia House CDs could buy 12 CDs 1 penny, then agreed purchase certain number CDs future full price not sure thought they'd call cops or ruin my credit forever, or But bought all my agreed upon CDs at full price. Iread years later could have just not bought single thing because they can't enforce contracts made by minors.

Worst Scams That Young And Gullible People Fell For

Scams just need to go away, forever.
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A collection of times that people humbled themselves by lacking intelligence. | Poempoem678 tried getting out car with my seatbelt on yesterday.

Times People Realized They Weren't Brainiacs

It'll be okay.
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People describe common skills that they quite simply don't possess | Reddit thread Wrapping presents watch videos every time but still can't do

Common Skills People Simply Don't Possess

No joke, wrapping presents is very difficult.
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Instances where people did not understand how to operate everyday objects | reddit posted by WL14K dropped and ice cube on floor once and threw sink. My roommate at time flabbergasted she had never thought and always put dropped ice cubes garbage.

People That Didn't Understand Everyday Objects

Confusion can arise in the most obvious of circumstances.
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Man's day is a series of frustrating fails | So did begin? Wel 1. Last night at around 5 pm broke an aquarium at work (worth about $60 2. Cleaning up, minor cut my thumb. Very shallow, so pick off dead skin. Ripped layer flesh off, and now have an exposed nerve ending is relatively small, but doesn't go away, and is sharp pain, so can't pretend 's not there

Man's Day Is A Rollercoaster Of Fails

Some days are tougher than others.
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Bits of common sense that people seemed to learn late in life | seniorTemper 6h feel so dumb but didn't know lamb baby sheep. Reply 581

Bits Of Common Sense People Learned Late In Life

Always a humbling moment.
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A Tumblr thread showcases different people struggling with numbers | just-shower-thoughts S lovesickvampire-x Follow just-shower-thoughts Every single odd number has an "e savvygooner violetnpurple LISTEN- shesfromsaturn

Tumblr Thread: Math Is Real Hard For Some Folks

Numbers aren't for everyone.
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A collection of menu translation fails that confused customers | FRIED RICE Tom Moy Special Pork Chicken Ca Ca Shrimp BBQ Pork Beef Real Chicken Meatless

Hilarious Menu Mishaps That Confused Customers

Some menus are more confusing than others.
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A collection of unfortunate moments from people struggling through life | phone attached to a cord dragging on the asphalt road from the closed door of a moving car

Sucky Moments Of Fail From A Mean World

Time for a new phone.
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