And this is why you NEVER mock someone's phobias, Karen!

Arachnophobic Grocery Store Worker Finds Spider in Bag, Karen Shames Her and Pays the Price

Everyone has their phobias. Don't make fun or you'll face the consequences!
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12 reddit text images of spider poster discussion | thumbnail left photo of fake spiders in hand white background with more small fake black spiders, thumbnail right image of spider poster colorful, text "AITA for putting up pictures of spiders in my room to keep my arachnophobic cousins out?"

Girl Puts Spider Posters Up To Keep Arachnophobic Cousins Out of Her Room: Reddit Supports Her

Evil genius
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spiders insects surprising FAIL ridiculous reaction funny - 107228417

Woman Walks Into Spider's Web, Spider Comes Out Victorious

Yeah, that's enough outside for the day.
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spiders insects scary surprising australia ridiculous Video - 107191553

Giant Huntsman Spider Appears, Passengers Lose It

Yeah, I'm out dawg.
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spiders wtf nope australia Damn Nature U Scary plane airplane - 107119873

Giant Spider Falls On Pilot During Landing

Oh, cool.
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A scorpion escapes its tank, and then a panicked hunt around the house ensues.

Scorpion Escapes Tank, Panicked Hunt Ensues

That could've gone a lot worse.
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spiders insects bugs creepy ridiculous Video - 106870529

Woman Documents 4 Day Battle With Huge Huntsman Spider

She's too chill about it.
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Mom traps black widow and babies escape | r/tifu Posted by u/Psalms143-6 TIFU by hatching nest hundreds baby BLACK WIDOW SPIDERS my bedroom This did, essentially, happen today couple weeks ago my 5 year old daughter found black widow mom and her egg sack. She wanted look at so very carefully scooped up into jar, twisted on top and went around with duct tape good measure. She begged let them hatch so she could watch them, and this seemed be decent science homeschooling, after which

Mom Lets Black Widows Hatch, They Escape

Oh no.
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Dude sits next to fire escape and then a spidery waking nightmare ensues. | r/tifu u/danedebeau 1d Join 2 2 14 15 3 17 8 15 Tifu by sitting too close fire escape hell. M TL/DR down bottom. Note: Maybe not suitable arachnophobes. So this happened about 10 years ago Australia, just outside Jindabyne, NSW were all around 20 years old at time and were looking forward letting loose little.

Dude Sits Next To Fire Escape, Waking Spidery Nightmare Ensues

Oh, say it ain't so.
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A scary Tumblr thread about spiders and cranberry bogs | dombinic why do they always show cranberries thos big pits n its implied its wet and possibly swimmable. do cranberries really grow like wh thetaobella never heard Bog? heartachedreamboy th heartachedreamboy forget some people dont understand massachusetts

Tumblr Thread: Spiders Rule The Cranberry Bogs

Oh, that's a hard nope.
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Girl accidentally unleashes an army of spiders at her friend's house | r/tifu u/princessmegnu 19h Join 1 1 TIFU by bringing bag spiders my friends house and unleashing them M So, my friend begin with isn't big fan spiders. She constantly cleans her house them. She's not got phobia but certainly is not their biggest fan plan go away September, and she wanted look at hotels. She hasn't got computer/laptop so brought mine look easier viewing.

Girl Accidentally Unleashes Army Of Spiders

Hard nope to this.
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Funny Tumblr thread on spider bogs | dombinic why do they always show cranberries thos big pits n its implied its wet and possibly swimmable. do cranberries really grow like wh thetaobella never heard Bog? heartachedreamboy th

Tumblr Thread: Wolf Spiders Run The Cranberry Bogs

No thank you.
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A quick and bizarre Tumblr thread about a person that ate spiders | vviimmv why FUCK is there big spider on my bedroom wall doesn't look like any spider ever seen my entire life fuck sicklythiasus are sure 's spider? vviimmv yes am looks like this

Tumblr Thread: Mad Lad Eats Wolf Spiders

That's one way to go about it.
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Dude leaves water bottle on the floor overnight, and ends up accidentally eating a spider | reddit r/tifu imlesmartest TIFU: By leaving my water bottle on floor over night left my water bottle on floor last night and after eating breakfast this morning came back and took drink out without looking.

TIFU: Water Bottle Mishap Results In Accidental Spider Casualty

That's one way to get some protein.
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Chateau Marmont tweets about a scary encounter with a Huntsman spider | Chateau Marmonte Chatcey MaRmont @ChateauMarmonte URGENT: if anyone sees large spider on grounds or room, PLEASE, do not touch s Huntsman Spider pet one our Australian guests IS POISONOUS, but cannot kill an adult human. Please call Raj at front desk if see IMMEDIATELY Raj

Chateau Marmonte Live Tweets Encounter With Huntsman Spider

Tough day for the concierge.
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Employee asks people on Reddit if they're a jerk for refusing to kill the office spider even though one of their colleagues were scared of it.

Employee Refuses To Kill Office Spider, Co-Worker Can't Stand It

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