snow lies wife relationships husband lol gullible jack frost funny stupid believe - 16374789

Husband Lies About Dark Origins Of Jack Frost, Wife Repeats Lie For 15 Years

It's not totally out of the realm of possibility. Santa Clause himself is known to have been the star of some freaky German fairy tails featuring pickled children and sacks of heads. So to think that the character “Jack Frost” is actually a nose-eating serial killer is sort of in line with the origins of the holiday season anyway. Throw in the fact that there are at least two Jack Frost themed horror movies starring a killer snow man, and you've got a recipe for a dark tale of almost reasonable…
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Ohio Turnpike Reveals New Snowplow Names, They Are Perfect

It's something we've known since the cultural tipping point that was the naming of “Boaty McBoatface.” While democracy can have its issues when it comes to efficiency in governance, it is absolutely the best method humanity has ever devised for naming infrastructure-maintaining heavy equipment. The results came in and these are the names of the snowplows used by the Ohio Turnpike and Infrastructure Commission.
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snow absurd strange cars lol skiing funny - 107824129

Tahoe Valet Display Snow Day Horseplay

Getting up to scrape ice off your car in the snow just to get yelled at for being late to work is an inconvenience, but this? A 4-foot pompadour of snow all over your car? Just throw the whole thing away.
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roof wtf snow lol funny - 107822081

Roof Snow Clearing Is Catastrophic And Effective

Sure, someone could try to go up there and carefully scrape all the snow off by hand, but that might be too slow and dangerous. This method is obviously more effective, much faster, and it gets points for spectacle.
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Neighbor Steals Freshly Shoveled Parking Spot, Gets An Ice Surprise

It's situations like these where we could ask questions all day about who the worse actor is. But maybe it's more apt to consider the fact that if you do something that you're certain will make someone extremely angry, all bets are off when you come back to your car. For another story of snowy entitlement, here's the one about entitled neighbors who didn't like the way a dad snow cleared their driveway and ended up getting fined .
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Entitled neighbors don't like snow shoveling, get fined

Entitled Neighbors Don't Like The Way Dad Snow Blows Their Walkway For Free, Get Fined

Really guys?
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farmer gets asked to not blow snow early so he doesn't do it at all

Neighbor Demands Farmer Not Clear His Driveway At 5 AM, Gets His Wish

If you say so.
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nature scary wtf snow Damn Nature U Scary van glacier mountains - 107157761

Glacier Wall Chases Dudes On Mountain Pass

Not an enviable position to be in.
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Snow falls off roof in funny pattern that looks like the video game guitar hero.

Snow Falling Off Roof Has Major Guitar Hero Vibes

Who set it to expert?
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Wife Wants Corndogs, Husband Ends Up On News

So brave.
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Woman blocks sidewalk with her car and then asks the neighbors to call the cops. | Woman blocks her sidewalk with car, asks us call police. M My neighbor blocked sidewalk with her car during last two snowstorms. This meant (1) so she claims, she didn't have shovel path her car her house and instead able step directly on her shoveled sidewalk (which she pays someone shovel) and could then walk her front door and (2) she didn't need shovel sidewalk her car blocked

Woman Blocks Sidewalk With Car, Asks Neighbors To Call Police

Alrighty then.
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satisfying video of a train plowing snow

Trains Plowing Snow Is A Mesmerizing Work Of Art

Those train plows are no joke.
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skier falls from lift, coat gets caught video

Skier's Coat Gets Caught Falling From Lift

It would be just a little embarrassing.
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amateur meteorologist wholesome weather forecast video

Untrained Meteorologist Drops Wholesome Weather Recap

So much joy radiating from this guy.
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Cheap Boss forces employee to shovel snow, ends up paying tons of overtime | Posted by u/SparkleFritz 1 day ago can't leave until shovel ALL snow oc M This wasn't doing malicious compliance, nor request, but middle man who witnessed this gloriousness worked movie theatre company state snows every winter had contract with snow shoveling company but my boss refused use because costs each removal had possiblity hurting his yearly bonus by couple percent points (like $300 max out 20,000 Only if snow

Cheap Boss Has Employee Shovel Snow, Ends Up Paying Overtime

Good ol' overtime.
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funny snowskating cat video

Guys Go Extra Hard on Snowskating Cat Video

They definitely went for it.
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