ice sign copy Someone Caught a Perfect Ice Copy of a Sign Sliding Away
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In Mustang, Oklahoma a snow storm is melting away. This includes a sheet of ice that became a perfect copy of the sign it's sliding off of. The image of this phenomenon was shared on social media to much debate, with some people questioning how the ice melted in the shape of the letters.

Elsewhere in Oklahoma, other ice signs have also been spotted.

via Mashable

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The country experienced some very weird weather over the weekend, especially Colorado.

A group of storm chasers spotted the “Wizard of Oz” IRL Saturday in Eads, and they captured the unusual sight in the video above.

Rain-nado or Torn-bow? You decide.

A photo was also posted to Facebook and Twitter, with some commenters wondering if it was Photoshopped.

Although the video footage proves otherwise.

“Somewhere over the rainbow in Colorado today, there was another rainbow, with a tornado above it!” the Basehunters wrote on Facebook. “An incredible sight to witness in person!”

Sure it’s cool to see, but it’s probably not a great idea to try to find the pot of gold in this case.

Meanwhile in Denver, late season snow on Sunday made for some unpleasant conditions to play baseball, but they did anyway.

The Colorado Rockies tweeted pictures of Coors Field blanketed in snow Sunday ahead of theirafternoon game against the LA Dodgers.

Go home Mother Nature, you’re drunk.