A collection of funny, relatable, and downright painful moments from the world of working retail.

Retail Memes And Tweets That Portray The Struggle

Entitled customers are the worst.
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wtf shopping shopping cart lol Video - 107314945

Shopping Carts Stage Brutal Attack On Parking Lot

They've had enough.
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FAIL shopping cringe Awkward ridiculous Video - 107134721

TV Host Mistakes Moth For A Horse

The oops moments come for us all.
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A Costco parking lot standoff ends up resulting in a glorious act of petty revenge.

Costco Parking Lot Drama Results In Petty Revenge

Got to love a well executed petty revenge.
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A ridiculous customer demands employee mail shoes to them without payment first. | r/TalesFromRetail Join u/ironsprite 3y 1 "Can't just buy Long Hello TFR come bearing tale is one most ridiculous customer encounters l've had my almost 17 years retail experience. So buckle up, kids s gonna be wild ride characters Assistant Manager/slave SW: Senile Woman, as there's really no other explanation

Karen Demands Employee Send Shoes Without Payment First

That's not how shopping works, Karen.
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Karen flips out on a cashier, and then gets her rightful comeuppance.

Karen Flips Out On Cashier, Gets Her Time-Consuming Comeuppance

Karen should've just played nice from the start.
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Shopping network fail 14k Museum Grade Colombian Emerald Diamond Ring Buy it Now $25,000 Final Auctlon

Woman On Shopping Network's Desperate For High Bidders

An oldie but a goldie.
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A collection of funny items from the antiques roadshow | weird little puppet Worst Thing Could Find $0.05-$0.06

Comedy Gold From The Antiques Roadshow

Ah, the good old antiques roadshow never leaves us disappointed.
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A collection of images showing various husbands sleeping, while their wives shop during the holidays | row of men sitting among displays of shoes and bags. man yawning while leaning against a display table at a clothing store

Sleepy Husbands Not Feeling The Holiday Shopping

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A scammer wastes a seller's time over a purse | totally not scammy Tammy 0 NOV 9 AT 8:46 PM is best offe. Designer Tote Bag is best offer. Designer Tote Bag SAT AT 3:54 PM sorry, didn't see message until now still have and can do 100 can now message and call each other and see info like Active Status and seen messages.

Scammy Tammy Wastes Seller's Time With Dumb Scam

Not this time around, Tammy.
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couple goes to ikea and the man makes puns out of the furniture names

Man Annoys Girlfriend With Puns At IKEA

He's got a gift.
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A slipper choosing beggar won't take no for an answer | yo fr though, u mind letting having awhile? ill take good care though thats asking alot dude dont know if anyone would do friend but would do makes real g

Choosy Beggar Refuses To Comprehend Rejection

Gets rejected, and continues to be a bother.
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Man haggles over a dresser and brings bananas into the mix. | 9:49 1 l LTE Kevin Benefield Marketplace Sold Dresser w/mirror and Change Rating 359 views Is this available? 8:19 PM Yes Kevin Would take 100$ cash No.

Man Haggles Over Dresser, Throws Bananas In The Mix

When in doubt bring the bananas.
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calling out a lazy shopper customer not returning his cart

Cart Patrol Calls Out Lazy Shopper

He certainly doesn't deny anything.
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Seller completely destroys choosing beggars ability to negotiate | Outdoor Electric Grill Outdoor Electric Grill 100 Rate Buyer Mark as Sold Is this still available? Would take $60? waiting response.

Seller Shatters Choosing Beggar's Common Sense Completely

Beautiful work.
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Grandpa forgets to pay for a TV, and Tesco responds on Twitter | Tesco TESCO @Tesco Replying nikoowembleyway Hi Nico, thanks getting touch thank grandad his honesty. If he returns store explains mistake staff will understand. If like can let them know before he gets there? Car ask him store he will be able return? TY-Missy

Grandpa Forgets To Pay For TV, Tesco Responds, Faith In Humanity Restored

Grandpa's a sly dog.
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