A collection of strange and interesting science facts to ponder.

Strange Science Facts To Ponder

Pretty much at the science fair now.
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Tetris trauma twitter

Twitter Thread: Tetris Can Reduce Mental Trauma

And they said video games were bad.
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Tumblr thread on Magenta and the human brain

Tumblr Thread: Magenta Doesn't Exist, It's Just The Brain Doing Its Best

Thanks, brain.
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Tumblr thread on what makes babies interesting

Tumblr Thread: Human Babies Are "Independent" Compared To Other Mammals

Hey baby, lift that head and get to work.
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funny scientist superstition tumblr thread

Tumblr Thread: Scientists Have Terrific Superstitions In The Lab

A little magic keeps the mass spectrometer hummin'.
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amazing and interesting facts

Wild Facts That Sound Made Up But Are Legit

Though ancient, sharks did not precede the formation of yo momma.
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Twitter thread about the fossils found in Appalachian mountains, which are older than vertebrate animals

Twitter Thread: The Appalachians Are Older Than Most Things

That includes fish.
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crazy Aliens wtf strange boiling liquid nitrogen science weird Venom - 107134977

Liquid Nitrogen in A Dirty Container Has Strong Alien Symbiote Vibes

It's alive! It's not, but it looks like it!
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guy pulls magnet face mask off with magnet

Magnet Pulls Off Guy's Magnetic Face Mask

Well, it works.
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science video of using silica to make water hydrophobic

Science Man Explains Water-proof Water

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twitter thread about stupid moon landing filled with fake information

Twitter Thread: Fascinatingly Wrong and Fake Facts About the Moon Landing

Don't believe everything you read on the internet.
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science facts that are creepy

Creepy Science Facts to Feel Weird About

Great, thanks reality.
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Tumblr thread on ages of Mountain ranges in America | archosaur-automaton Rockies are new, young and virile and fresh Laramide orogeny, tall and lanky teenagers on geological scale Appalachian mountains are old, formed hundreds millions years ago before dinosaurs walked Earth. They are ancients, elders, witnesses half billion years life coming and going.

Tumblr Thread: Grasping The Age of The Appalachians

They're old.
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The most obvious scientific conclusions people ever witnessed. | DoctorSneak• 3h Most sharks attacks happen shallow water close beach. Makes sense as 's where all people are.

Most Obvious Scientific Conclusions People Witnessed

Yay, science stuff.
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McGurk Effect shows how brains interpret sounds differently based on what the listener is seeing

The McGurk Effect Is Some Black Magic Audio-Visual Trickery

Bah. Bah. Bah.
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funny twitter thread of guy air frying a hot dog for two hours pretending it's science | kendrick lobstar @KLobstar 50 minutes has elapsed, 70 minutes remain. My wife and son have gone outside and have opened kitchen window | kendrick lobstar @KLobstar 60 minutes has elapsed, 60 minutes remain have been advised by fellow scientists allow hotdog and air fryer cool off before continuing air is thick with hotdog flavor.

Twitter Scientist Air Fries a Hotdog For Two Hours

That's some cutting edge science, man.
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