science fail vampire bats feed on human now
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As if there weren’t enough to worry about this year, vampire bats, the bats with the scariest name in the animal kingdom, have developed a taste for human blood. Yes, human blood. If you’re reading this and are human, that should rock you to your core.

According to a report from New Scientist, researchers in Brazil found traces of human blood in vampire bats’ feces. They report:

“Enrico Bernard from the Federal University of Pernambuco in Recife, Brazil, and his team analysed 70 faeces samples from a colony of hairy-legged vampire bats, D. ecaudata, living in Catimbau National Park in north-east Brazil.

“They found that three samples out of the 15 they managed to get DNA from had traces of blood from humans. ‘We were quite surprised,” says Bernard. “This species isn’t adapted to feed on the blood of mammals.’”

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The article goes on to say that vampire bats usually feed on birds, but due to human encroachment, they may have started moving on to most dangerous game… HUMAN. 

Well, 2017 is off to a great start.

asteroid almost hits earth
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Not sure if this is good news or bad news, but an asteroid breezed past Earth this week, two days after it was discovered. That giant space rock so many of you voted for almost happened.

According to TIME, “The space rock, which is officially called 2017 AG13, flew between Earth and the moon Monday about 8 a.m. EST.”The object came “within half the distance of the moon.” Talk about a case of the Mondays! Am I right???

Now, speaking seriously, considering all that we have going on in the world, is this good news or bad news? You decide.

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Via MrGear
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Sometimes, you just want to see someone smash a Pepsi with a hammer. 

via Agent M Loves Tacos

The taste of a new generation, Pepsi, has long played second fiddle to Coke, which is far superior. But now soda #2 has something over big red: This video of someone covering a can of Pepsi in liquid nitrogen and smashing it with a hammer. 

Coming to you from science YouTuber MrGear, this video delivers as promised. MrGear pours liquid nitrogen on stuff, like berries and lettuce, and sees if it'll shatter in his hands. It's extremely cathartic.


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There are few things that add more to a word than the placing the word “Rocket” in front of it. Well, maybe the word “Mania” or “Rama” behind it.

In this video, YouTubers The Backyard Scientists attempt to recreate a small scale version of a Mythbusters classic. They attached a blade to a track, light a rocket, and send through a toy car, a whole chicken, some fruit, and a steak. This is knife moves at 150 mph and could cut through anything.

Oh, and one time the knife blew up. It rocks.

via Laserpointers and Catnip

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After a month of the worst group text experience of your life, New Year’s Eve is here, and you and your friends have finally decided on what you’re doing – unless Jake gets back to you because Jake throws the best parties.

But New Year’s Eve never really lives up to the hype, does it? And why is that? We try so hard to make it a special night. We even might get invited to Jake’s party. He’s going to have a two-story beer bong this year. Two. Stories. It’ll be so sick.

ASAP Science actually has a pretty reasonable list of reasons why New Year’s kind of stinks.

  1. Expectations — We all think that New Year’s is going to be a climactic end to our year, but it usually just ends with you passed out on your floor clutching a copy of the West Side Story soundtrack and screaming, “Why, Maria? Why?”  

    via Reddit

  2. Trying too hard — To live up to the expectations of the night, we all try and make sure that the night is as perfect as possible, which is why you have got to be at Jake’s party this year. But the fact is, trying too hard to have a good time leads to a bad time.

  3. Optimism Bias — Apparently, our brain is hardwired to expect positive outcomes over negative ones. How do I get some of that optimism bias?

  4. Reflection — Thinking about the past year can be… sad. 

    via Warner Bros.

  5. Alcohol — Reflection plus alcohol can be sadder. 

    via Skins Glee Forever

  6. Cost — Between dinner and the Über, NYE can cost a ton of money. Once you factor in all the money you spend trying to bribe your way into Jake’s party, you’re pretty broke come Jan. 1.

  7. The Kiss — If you don’t have someone to kiss, you’re sad. If you do, everyone hates you.

  8. via GIPHY

Happy New Year! Make strong decisions!


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