Satan, not to be mistaken with the lovely fabric. The big guy downstairs used to scare people to walk the straight and narrow for nearly 2000 years. It's about time you find a reason to laugh at him, even just a bit. What do you have to fear, Purgatory? Possibly.

At Least You Could Have Given It a Like

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By _C_A_T_

No One's Worse Than Stan!

god heaven hell jesus santans satan - 6601807104
By Unknown

Failbook: Balance is Maintained in the Universe

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By Mooie76

Parenting Fails: Sponge Bob Anti-Christ Pants

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By Unknown

How Many Types of Satans Are There?

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By lil2424

Failbook: Unfriendzoned!

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By shkinnyburger

Those Amoeba Feels

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Via Eat More Bikes

How Can You Be Mad at Someone So Kvte?

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By Unknown

Hail Mug WIN

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By Unknown

The Devil's in the Detailing

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By Unknown

Can't Argue With the Facts

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By Unknown

Monday Thru Friday: Protip: If You Want Your Store to Sell Clothes...

Mannequins monday thru friday satan - 6481140736
By Unknown

Enough to Convince Me to Convert to Satinism

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By murdertherain

Oh Hey! Nice to Meet You!

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By Unknown

I'm Gonna Wear Corpse Paint and Worship the Papal Predecessor

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By Unknown

Playing the Fence, I See

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By Raymond