safety fails

OSHA-Defying Moments Of Safety Failure

What a cool time saver.
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scary wtf wood dummy demonstration test safety machine - 107411969

Simulation Shows How Fast A Wood Chipper Accident Is

That's... abrupt.
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funny security fails

Security Measures That Make Us Feel Immeasurably Insecure

Uh, alright if you say so.
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wtf fishing burp fish safety weird Video - 107295745

Guy Safely "Burps" Fish Before Releasing It

Didn't know that was a thing.
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unsafe OSHA safety fails

Safety Fails That Would Have OSHA Foaming At The Mouth

Not a great idea.
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angry dad demands kid hold gun without his permission

Entitled Dad Is Furious His Son Needs Permission To Hold Gun

Uh, okay man.
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Driving fails and drivers doing stupid things

Morons Who Shouldn't Be Allowed To Drive

Good luck out there.
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forklift wtf FAIL safety first lol osha dumb safety stupid - 107020545

Double Forklift Maneuver Doesn't Go As Planned

Phenomenal idea.
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absurd safety failures

Safety-Failures That Would Make OSHA Weep

Great work.
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Funny Danish ad promoting helmet wearing featuring vikings

Danish Helmet PSA Is Actually Pretty Good

They've got a point.
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safety failures from jobs and construction that OSHA would hate

Unsafe Maneuvers That Would Make OSHA Cringe

Wow, what a time saver.
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unsafe toys people remember

Unsafe Toys People Remember From The Olden Days

Times change.
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Safety failures that OSHA would not like

Safety Failures That OSHA Wouldn't Be Too Happy About

Not happy at all.
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wtf safety failures that OSHA wouldn't like | giant truck flipped on its back | person standing in a barrel hanging from a crane

Safety Failures That Would Have Osha Filling Its Pants

That doesn't go that way.
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Failures of safety | man standing on a ladder using a chainsaw to cut down the tree the ladder is leaning against | two men carrying a ladder by balancing it around their necks while driving two separate motorbikes

Unsafe Maneuvers that would Have OSHA Screaming

It's almost like it's a competition.
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street smarts tips | datacollect_ct 28.4k points 1 day ago 7 5 3 3 3 E If are any sort confrontation and someone balls their fist and looks away second, or even just looks away second should be prepared possibility sucker punch.

Street Smarts Tips to Stay Safe Out There

It's a big world.
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