people who didn't secure their car's load properly

36 People Who Need To Learn How To Secure Their Loads Properly

Get off the road.
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street smarts

Street Smart Tips To Help Stay Safe Out There

It's a big world.
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OSHA safety failures

Safety Failures That Are Big Oopsies Waiting To Happen

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Safety failures

Safety Failures That OSHA Would Prefer Not Be A Thing

We've all been one "oops" away from ruin.
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FAIL osha workplace safety - 16158213

Workplace Hazards That Only Exist Because of Stupidity

Don't show these to OSHA!
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safety fails that violate OSHA rules

Misguided Safety Failures That OSHA Would Disapprove Of

Life is about risks, or something.
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FAIL safety first osha workplace safety - 16013829

Workplace Safety Horrors That You Shouldn't Show to Worksafe

Probably best not to show these at your next toolbox meeting.
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OSHA unsafe safety fails

OSHA-Enraging Safety Fails To Avoid Doing

Seemed like a good idea at the time.
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wtf absurd cars driving driver lol truck unsafe safety - 16009989

The Wildest Junk People Saw Other Drivers Do While Driving

For some reason, a lot of people see driving as a secondary activity to eating a bowl of Chex or doing their hair. Here are some of the irresponsible and straight up absurd junk truckers and other drivers have spotted their fellow drivers doing behind the wheel. It's as if their windshield is just a tv screen to them or something. So watch out for these morons and other incompetent drivers who should be banned from the road.
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stupid bad and unsafe driving fails

Dumb Drivers Who Deserve Ample Ridicule

Come on, guys.
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absurd and scary safety failures that defy OSHA

Safety Failures Of OSHA-Defying Boldness

Don't do this.
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safety failures

Safety Failures That OSHA Would Like To Find And Destroy

There's a problem waiting to happen.
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37 memes inspired by stupidity | thumbnail left "fasteners" sign hanging off of aisle "the irony," thumbnail right girl pumping gas into a red solo cup

Optimal Human Stupidity Highlighted In These Laugh Worthy Memes

Don't mind us, we'll be laughing
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funny work safety memes

Workplace Safety Memes For The Responsible Coworkers Out There

Stay safe, friends.
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funny DIY fixes

Funny Low Budget Fixes and DIY Solutions

Some are genius. Some.
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safety fails

OSHA-Defying Moments Of Safety Failure

What a cool time saver.
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