For All Your Imprisonment Needs

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Bae-fty Belt

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Hilarious Westjet Flight Attendant Safety Demo Leaves Passengers In Stitches

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The Foundation of a Saftey

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They Haven't Actually Taken The Course Yet

hunter safety points gun newspaper
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No Truck, No Problem

cars safety dangerous funny - 7702232576
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Please Tell Me This is Training

fire Professional At Work safety segway wtf - 4728409856
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Thanks, Mom and Dad!

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Smoke Detector Fail.

busted copy cubicle fail dangerous decoration decoy FAIL fake fire alarm lazy osha paper signs photocopy print pwned safety safety first screw you Terrifying unsafe xerox - 3567532544
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Warehouse Safety FAIL

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When the Nap Attack Strikes...

motorcycle safety dangerous funny - 7614331392
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Yarn: The Perfect Failsafe

caution Kludge rope safety television twine - 3992006912
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Hey, You Think This Thing is Loaded?

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Never Felt Safer Than Right Now!

airplane apostrophe safety sign fail nation - 8421307136
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Teach Your Kids the Importance of Nacho Safety

school kids note parenting safety g rated - 8385365504
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The Things You Find on College Bulletin Boards

bed funny safety pr0n - 8384846336
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