antiwork work coworkers workplace Horrible Bosses coworker rules boss manager petty Office quit quitting - 17476613

"No Snack" Rule Technicality Snafu Drives Worker to Quit Pedantic Boss

It was the snack that broke the camel's back.
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weird rules at friends houses

People Share Weird Rules They Had To Follow At Friend's Houses

Uh, cool?
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new rules people were responsible for

33 People Share Times They Were Responsible For New Rules

Good work.
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mom breast pump work zoom call story

Boss Insists Breast Pumping Mom Turn Camera On For Work Meeting, Creates New Policy

Well, it worked.
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funny dude rules for men

Dudes Share Unspoken Universal Rules Of Mandom

Well, not unspoken now.
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rules wtf injury teacher Professors lol story college - 16245509

Teacher's No Hats Policy Meets Match In Recent Car Crash Survivor

It's interesting how quickly priorities can shift. In one moment everyone's all up in arms about hat wearing, and the next moment the teacher is yelling at you to spare everyone the pulsing, leaking nightmare of your Jason Vorhees-like scalp. All we're asking for is a little consistency, but that's a separate tragedy. Here are some other dumb rules schools enforced.
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unspoken rules of society and politeness

Unspoken Rules That People Don't Seem To Get

Some of us need a review.
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safety fails that violate OSHA rules

Misguided Safety Failures That OSHA Would Disapprove Of

Life is about risks, or something.
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rules school malicious compliance revenge - 16051717

Insane School Forces Girl to Change Her Natural Hair Color For Being Too "Extreme", Suspends Her When it Grows Back

Your "unnatural" hair color violates our dress code. Fix it!
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Teacher uses administration's frustrating rules against them | r/MaliciousCompliance Posted by u/Otchayannij 12 hours ago They're rules oc M an English teacher Moscow. At beginning school year asked week time off around holiday, so could travel some got denied so week came around pleased most my classes had been canceled because students had same idea had and were all going on vacation get an email administration stating cover classes another teacher. Who taking vacation week had asked So alread

Teacher Flips The Script on Frustrating Administration

Aannd mic drop.
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work coach says not to help coworkers, gets fired

Employee Told By Coach Not To Help Coworkers, Company Tanks, Coach Gets Fired

When is "stop helping coworkers" a good business move?
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manager has all staff persona phone calls go through her

Manager Demands All Personal Phone Calls Go Through Her, Backfires Immediately

What a brilliant idea.
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boss tries to extend employee on probation but it backfires

Unreasonable Boss Tries To Trap Employee In Probation, Totally Backfires

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stupid rules people made int work and schools that backfired instantly

Stupid Rules That Backfired Immediately

May chaos reign.
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Military officer wife Karen wants salutes, everyone starts saluting cars instead

Military Wife Karen Demands Salutes, Gets Mocked

Respect the sticker, she says.
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13 text based reddit images topic stupidest rules arguments in warhammer40k | thumbnail "r/Warhammer40k + Join u/Dubstep_squid · 6d WARHAHMER 1 S 2 What is the stupidest rules argument you've ever had? Discussion A couple of my favorites • At a local RTT and I'm throwing some thunder hammers into a redemptor dreadnought with a +1 to wound litany in effect. My Opponent drops 1 CP and says "I'm going to go ahead and transhuman him"

Warhammer40K Gamers Recall Stupidest Rules Arguments They've Encountered

Game over, fools
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