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Karen Tells Subway Performer To Stop Singing, Says Her Voice Is "Eh"

No, you stop it, Karen.
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Awful customers get fired over their nasty behavior.

Awful Customers Get Fired For Their Behavior

Sweet justice.
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A collection of creative and absolutely brutal insults from various people on social media | posted by graystripe: once 4th grade this guy got 2% on his math quiz so everyone called him milk rest year

Creative And Brutal Insults That Were Max Savage

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Nightmare bride wants to remove a bridesmaid from her wedding for having cancer | Hey girls have something need run by y'all. So Mader didn't have cancer whenl invited her be my bridesmaid but now having second thoughts about her being wedding. Like, she mentioned other day her hair has started fall out bit and noticed looking thinner than normal just can't

Bridezilla Worried Bridesmaid's Chemotherapy Will Ruin Wedding

The bridesmaid has a way with words.
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A rude customer can't handle rejection, asks for manager, gets surprised. | r/MaliciousCompliance Join u/luridfox At closing time am still manager M So 19 at time and shift supervisor at local sub shop (Planet Sub This my first supervisory/ managerial position and shy and generally insecure at time am amazed had gall do this be fair had been LONG day, and had second job would give more hours if wanted.

Entitled Customer Expects Restaurant To Stay Open Late, Can't Handle Rejection

Sounds like a real valuable customer.
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Entitled people and their stupid excessive demands | feeling betrayed 1 hr O am LIVID seven months now 100 week hours are easy (9am-5pm, like regular f basically angels, they sleep most day anyway at this age. mas been babysitting job) and kids are get text her saying she's applying walmart and she "can't afford work anymore she's not paying anything PAYING HER mean afford have fun working longer hours LESS PAY ungrateful bitch do and now stuck without childcare. all daycares my area are super

Entitled Folks with Their Increasing Demands

The boldness never stops.
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Stories of people who were annoying and impossible to help | FireandIceT 28.5k points 21 hours ago E 2 3 e 3 2 More Had newish neighbor ask if he could borrow our lawn mower sure. Well more or less every week he would come and get out our garage, use cut his grass, put away without cleaning or adding gas fall mentioned good time get deals on new mower. He never talked us again

"That's It, I'm Never Helping Anyone Again" Moments People Had

No problem, bro.
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Boyfriend judges woman for ordering immature food at a restaurant | AITA ordering immature food at fancy restaurant? Not hole went pretty nice restaurant with my boyfriend and his friends yesterday. They live out town and haven't met all them before us and four other people, all couples. My bf has known them since he teenager. They're all 7-8 years older than and all have nice full time jobs and went private school. If got an entree at place could choose 2 sides got grilled chicken and Mac

Boyfriend Judges Woman For Ordering "Immature" Food

Dude sounds wildly controlling.
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Woman's rude husband gets kicked out of wedding, and she stays anyways | Aita not going home with my husband after my sister kicked him out her wedding? Not hole My F26 sister F24 got engaged her husband M36 few months ago. He's out town and he's well off (rich) he has several properties and drives dodge. He's very generous and respectful. He treats family with so much respect One thing noticed my husband constantly making comments about him and he ended up with our family since he's well off

Woman's Husband Gets Kicked Out Of Wedding, She Stays Anyways

Dude needs to put his ego in check.
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Entitled coworker gets humbled and learns lesson on Christmas Day. | r/ProRevenge u/MorganLeFatal 2y Join Merry Christmas quit. Quite few years ago moved into house with few my best friends. One my friends got job with her at local gas station within walking distance our house and thought pretty set with my new arrangement living with my best friends, able walk work and job should have been one easiest positions ever held is, until met my coworker Jane worked nights didn't get too many customers

Entitled Coworker Learns Lesson On Christmas Day

Merry Christmas, Jane.
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rude and disrespectful houseguests | gen3stang My cousin punched my wall. Left hole and started laughing he got his first house went over and punched hole right wall waited 11 years do .

Amazingly Disrespectful Things Done By Houseguests

How hard is it to be decent?
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Entitled people and their demands | Quora search questions, people, and topics Chief Executive Officers Employees Workplace and Professional Etiquette Work Personal Question have two employees usually leave work at 6 pm. They are good, but don't like their commitment lasts work hours only should do as CEO?

Entitled People and Their Demanding Expectations

The boldness is striking.
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A stylist stays professional with an angry and inconsiderate Karen |  need my hair done need tomorrow sorry actually don't have any openings until week after next might have spot next week if opens up but as right now don't have anything about Sep 1st 10?

Stylist Stays Professional With Angry Karen

Good riddance, Karen.
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Behaviors that feel rude but aren't | Cindy--McCoy 40.1k points 19 hours ago 3 2 e Asking money is owed seems awkward and rude but really isn't, or at least shouldn't be

Behaviors that Feel Rude but Really Aren't

Relatable for the nervous wrecks among us.
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Rude K Pop fan talks badly about the person next to them, unaware they speak korean | r/pettyrevenge Posted by u/thisisdrivingmebatty 1 day ago Bad mouth and assume don't speak language kill with kindness Obligatory on mobile sorry formatting am light skinned Latina American and lived Korea couple years during university and grad school, as my major Korean Interpretation and Translation. During my time Korea lucky enough attend music shows time time kpop uninitiated, music shows are free enter,

Rude K-Pop Fan Doesn't Know Fellow Fan Speaks Korean

Always be polite.
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cringey interview with Bill Nye

Bill Nye Handles Rude Host Like A Boss

Bill was unfazed.
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