Karen asks to speak to a manager, she's already speaking to one, and a reality check ensues | r/TalesFromYourServer u/inghiirrirrinhhi ly Join want see manager am manager Long Many moons ago duty manager restaurant/ bistro/bar/beer garden. During food service hours 6p-10p would be float area area and help where needed. This usually restaurant section as full table service; where as other areas customer approached bar/bistro order and collect their own meals/drinks.

Karen's Manager Request Backfires

Delightful turn of events.
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A collection of polite ways to end conversations with chatterboxes | _zugunruhe_ 12h 2 Awards If cannot get word best thing do is drop something which typically leads person stop talking, giving break say forgot needed do something. Reply 7.7k

Most Polite Ways To End Conversations

Helpful to have in one's back pocket.
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A restaurant owner decides to kick out a table of rude and entitled customers | r/TalesFromYourServer u/aaanon5402 1y Join owner restaurant kicked out one my tables yelling at about receipt Long my first day at pizza restaurant. This place always SLAMMED s really where learned be good server, before worked at over staffed burger joints or Italian restaurants. Things were moving pretty fast but doing surprisingly well had about 10 tables and used 3-4 table sections will

Customers Hassle Employee, Restaurant Owner Handles It

Coolest boss ever.
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A rude choosing beggar wants a laptop for cheap, and gets called out | this is Hey got number Aleisha. She mentioned are selling laptop. Info plz! Hey man its Toshiba satellite p55wb. Bought 2015. Just got gifted new one so no use now. Top condition 200 throw sleeve purchased As well as mouse and mousepad. Ahh daamn lucky Any chance can keep freebies and just let have laptop less?

Rude Choosing Beggar Wants Laptop For Cheap, Gets Called Out

Clueless as they come.
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Various people describe toxic behaviors that are masked as virtues | Squiddification 18h 3 2 Awards had an -law who talked constantly about generous and compassionate she She could be both But she had tendency get carried away by she wanted rather than actually wanted. She kind person who would throw big party explicitly told her didn't want party, and she would talk constantly about overwhelmed she planning party and should help all these ways because can't do this on my own Her plans were over

Toxic Behaviors Disguised As Virtues

Maybe don't record the act of generosity.
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A collection of times that humans went full Karen mode with the entitlement | Tweet my uber picked up 2010 car there's no bluetooth or aux 12:25 AM 12/14/19 Twitter iPhone 2 Retweets 34 Likes

Infuriating Times Humans Went Full Karen

Enough with the entitlement.
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Rude Chinese customer doesn't realize that the cashier speaks Mandarin Chinese as well | They didn't know speak Chinese too So white Caucasian female, but am fluent Mandarin Chinese and English. Now, looking at wouldn't know can speak Mandarin, which is why find absolutely hysterical mess with people they come through my line speaking Chinese, and understand every word their saying. My co workers find especially hysterical. Okay, so other day this Chinese couple came through my line, and asked t

Rude Chinese Customer Doesn't Know Cashier Speaks Mandarin Chinese

Everyone just play nice.
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Rude entitled dog sitting customer is a hypocrite | Final offer sorry about situation, but these are still my rates offering 95 less than asked CHILD don't need money single hardworking mother do even understand is business is unethical and frankly disgusting

Rude Hypocrite Wants Dog Sitter with Zero Notice

That's some impressive nerve.
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Rude and frustratingly disrespectful questions people were asked |  omg_daisy 14.5k points 11 hours ago "Why did give him money" my managers response telling her got robbed at gun point our store

Disrespectful Questions that Stuck with People

Sometimes it's an accident, most of the time it's not.
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Mom tricks rude Karen into thinking she's deaf | r/IDontWorkHereLady Posted by 2 u/dtlove87 6 days ago 34 Are deaf? Um XL So this just happened and actually kind proud bit backstory stay with my kids during day and work nights. My husband and have opposite shifts, so can save on daycare. Because this dont usually go grocery shopping during week because can be difficult getting my kids through store My daughter sometimes has meltdowns big crowds. She doesn't have any sensory issues according her

Mom Scares Off Karen Using Sign Language

A wild Karen appeared!
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Grandma with Alzheimers insults rude Karen | r/IDontWorkHerelady Posted by byebyebrain1 7 days ago Don't mess with my Grandma, Karen. XL denotations people involved are pretty obvious so am not going list them Summary: Grandma with Alzhiemers puts Karen her place.

Grandma with Alzheimers Defeats Rude Karen

Well done.
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Entitled choosing beggars who demanded free stuff | text messages They were still like $250 headphones. But said could have them. Just get whoever gave them buy new ones. Please give back my head phones

Entitled People Who've Gotta Pack Up Their Rotten Attitudes

Wanting free stuff is one thing, but being a jerk about it is another.
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Entitled selfish people who made absurd demands | agreed pay 650 create website created website approved everything put website up and told once paid hand everything over never paid so now website stays down until do already made website, so can call 85

Entitled Folks Who Made Wild Demands

What a treat.
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Demanding Rude Jerk GEts Trolled by Artist | Youre peice trash And art sucks hey changed my mind! ill do totally free Yoooo thank my guy soon can have done

Gullible Entitled Jerk Gets Trolled Demanding Free Art

Man, this person would believe anything.
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Entitled lazy classmate gets denied project and goes off on student | need now please desperate Please give Please if are good human would give Lol want commit academic fraud and won't even pay Sorry my final answer is no. Maybe start doing project now and can get passing grade. Wow are such abitch el rejected No wonderd Bitch Kick my ass *lick

Rude Entitled Student Explodes When Denied Classmate's Project

It feels good to not be in school anymore.
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man pretends to have coronavirus on a plane for a prank video

Soundcloud Rapper "Pranks" Plane With Fake Coronavirus

Now he's sorry.
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