13 reddit text images "should I have invited husband's son to christmas" | thumbnail grey background "His son lives only 15 minutes away, and we see him from time-to-time. He's not a bad guy, just very different to my husband and I. Later that day, my husband texted him to ask him to ask if he had enjoyed the rest of Xmas, to which he replied "Oh right, that's what today was, thanks for the chocolate and 3 minute visit". My husband was very upset by this, but I was outraged."

Wicked Stepmother Refuses To Invite Step-Son For Christmas, Says He 'Doesn't Fit In'

Get off your high horse
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12 reddit images with text surrounding OP and mom's debacle | thumbnail "Now my mom is telling me she's upset that we didn't tell them in person and that my wife wasn't apart of conversation. I explained that my wife was having a rough time and felt uncomfortable with that so I was going to do whatever made her the most comfortable. She is my priority. My mom is insisting that her own needs are just as important in this scenario and that I should've"

Vindictive Mom Tells Son She Is Just As Important As His Pregnant Wife

So much salt
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Disrespectful guy tries to sneak meat into vegetarian's meals. | AITA refusing let my friend eat meat inside my house know title sounds, but please give chance. Now gonna start out by saying not one those crazy vegans who force their views on others and think meat eaters are devil been vegetarian over ten years and dont plan on ever eating meat again, but understand and respect why others do.

Meat Eater "Friend" Tries To Sneak Meat Into Vegetarian's Meals

Serious boundary issues.
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date accepts drink from stranger, doesn't get why that's bad

Woman On Date Doesn't Understand Why It's Rude To Accept Drink From Stranger

Oh boy.
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A rude customer gives a waiter a hard time, and then the waiter returns the favor.

Smug Customer Gives Waiter Hard Time, Waiter Returns The Favor

Beautiful work, really.
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Entitled people and their demands

Entitled Folks and Their Unconventional Audacity

They only get bolder.
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A jerk customer learns the value of not cutting other people in line.

Jerk Cuts In Line, Customer Tinkers With Jerk's Bike For Petty Revenge

Should've played nice from the start.
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entitlement FAIL cringe ridiculous dumb rude Video - 107413505

Rude Drivers Block Only Road In Florida Keys To Take Photos

Actually too much.
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customer service tik tok customers ridiculous entitled rude Video - 2660614

Waitress Reveals Her Strategy For Dealing With Entitled Customers

Eh, bit of a bold move there.
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Guy breaks up with his fiancé after it's revealed she's mean to waitstaff

Fiancé Reveals She's A Total Karen, Dude Breaks It Off

Better late than never.
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A learning center refuses to fix the phone number on their website, so a pro revenge ensues.

Learning Center Refuses To Fix Number On Website, Pro Revenge Ensues

So many angry test takers must've shown up.
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Karen demands bad hotel booking and gets it, so the secretary lets her have it

Karen Presenter Demands Crappier Hotel Booking, Gets It

If that's what you want.
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A woman reports her nightmare neighbors, and then they end up getting a $500 fine.

Woman Reports Nightmare Neighbors, Righteous Fine Ensues

She was backed up against a corner.
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Customer rudely demands no ice, bartender pours him drink with no cup

Rude Gentleman Demands No Ice, Gets Less Than That

Give the man what he wants and less.
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Karen customer insists on being total nightmare to waitress, waitress shocks Karen with her family connection.

Karen Customer Insists On Being Rude, Waitress Surprises Karen With Family Connection

Uh oh, Karen's in trouble.
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entitlement FAIL cringe ridiculous rude karen - 2181894

Karen Tells Subway Performer To Stop Singing, Says Her Voice Is "Eh"

No, you stop it, Karen.
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