pro revenge revenge - 17056261

Resident Nurse Rallies Their Team, Takes Down Vindictive Nurse Manager

A horrible and cruel Nurse Manager was finally taken down by their subordinates after a “seasoned” Resident Nurse joined the team and managed to rally their young and inexperienced teammates to take a stand. This thread was posted to the r/ProRevenge subreddit by the Resident Nurse (RN), u/IAmHerdingCatz, who recounts their epic tale of revenge from days past. The thread was titled “I'm A Team Builder!” and has earned 5k upvotes on the subreddit since it was first posted.
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Guy lets friends use camper, gets locked out, ditches them

Group Locks Dude Out Of His Own Camper For The Night, He Leaves With His Camper

It's pretty straight forward.
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malicious compliance revenge - 17037573

Manager Told to Shift Focus By Boss, Shifts Focus... Just Not in the Way the Boss Pictured

This thread was posted to Reddit's r/maliciouscompliance subreddit by Redditor u/Intrigued_Alpaca_93, Scroll on for screenshots of the full story and the reader’s reactions. Keep scrolling for screenshots of u/Intrigued_Alpaca_93's story and Reddit's reactions.
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revenge petty revenge dating - 17037317

Lying Ex Exposed, Had Been Pretending Woman's Belongings Were Their Interests

This fine gentleman and his partner ended things mutually after 7 years together. They maintained an amiable friendship afterward, during which time his ex-girlfriend even helped him plan a trip with his new girlfriend. After which the two got engaged. At this point his ex-girlfriend began to see things just a little bit clearer (she might have been a little bitter about his new fiancée too.) She decided it was time to take a little revenge and went over to his place to collect her things. Whil…
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Roommate ID card revenge

Entitled Thief Roommate Inspires Expensive ID Card Revenge

Choose your roommates wisely.
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malicious compliance revenge karen - 17011461

Karen Tries to Pay With Ten-Thousand Pennies, Shop Owner Makes Her Wait While They Count Every Single One

This Karen tried to hardest to execute a ‘malicious compliance’ of her own by paying for her repair bill entirely in pennies. She wasn't happy about anything to do with her repair. This thread was posted to r/MaliciousCompliance
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revenge petty revenge - 17011205

Idiot Neighbor Parks In Guy's Spot, He Blocks Them in Then Has Them Towed

This idiot insisted on parking in their neighbor's spot. When the owner of the spot left them a kind message, the idiot tore it up and gave them a proverbial slap in the face. Then the owner realized they would have to take a different approach…. and began orchestrating their revenge. This thread was posted to r/pettyrevenge by the owner of the parking space u/WILLINGLYLOST90, who had to deal with the entitlement of their trashy neighbor. They posted the thread to tell their story of the reveng…
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camera employee fired

Employee Fired Over Technicality, Takes Back Their Own Property, Leaves Company Nonfunctional

"I'm taking my ball and going home."
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aita revenge - 17001221

Religious Neighbor Keys 'Adult Fiction' Author's Car as Revenge For Her Sin

A neighborhood feud brewed after an adult fiction author's pious neighbor discovered what she did for a living. The problem escalated due to some (unwanted) attention that the author was receiving from the neighbor's husband. This sent the neighbor over the edge, and she began trespassing, threatening, and damaging her personal property. This thread was posted to r/AITA (Am I the A**hole) by the Author, Redditor u/Interesting-Reply118. They posted the topic to see whether or not they were in th…
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revenge firefighters - 17000965

Idiot Insists On Parking In Emergency Vehicle Spot, Gets Car Crushed

He didn't start the fire... But his car did bite it when they tried to fight it.
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revenge workplace Horrible Bosses - 17000453

Overworked Assistant Gets Independently Audited to See If Role is Required, Ends Up With 10K Raise

It turns out that they were the most valuable employee in the company.
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revenge cop karen - 16985093

Car Karen Tries to Use Shoulder to Skip Traffic, Crashes Into Convenient Cop

This Karen thought that she could use the shoulder to skip a queue of traffic on the motorway but when a semi-driver decided that he was going to have none of that and intervened he caused her to crash into a conveniently placed police cruiser. This thread was posted to r/MaliciousCompliance by the Semi driver, Redditor u/fmintar1. They shared this story to the popular subreddit to share how they got one up on this queue-dodging cretin. The types of people that do things like this are the absol…
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hoa revenge petty revenge karen - 16968453

Fake HOA Karen Tries to Enforce Strict Rules, Member Uses Them to Get Revenge

Just a word of note here: This colorful tale is told in such a manner and with enough allusions, exposition, and allegory that Hemmingway himself would have trouble making heads or tails of it. It's the literary equivalent of eating an entire jar of peanut butter with a spoon and the phrase “Mozart's requiem on the meatflute.” is a phrase that will be burned into my brain forever.
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malicious compliance revenge funny - 16984325

Milkshake Mistake Leads to Absolute Piss-Take

This picky customer got what they requested... "The milkiest milkshake possible."
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aita neighbors revenge - 16984837

Insolent Neighbor Gets Car Towed After Repeatedly Blocking New Parent's Driveway

How many times do you have to ask someone?
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malicious compliance revenge Horrible Bosses - 16978437

Digital Marketing Specialist Fixes Critical Issues, Told to Unfix it By Micromanaging New Boss

There's nothing more satisfying than going above and beyond in your job and receiving no recognition for it. Even better is going above and beyond to fix a serious issue and then being reprimanded . That's exactly what happened to this digital marketing specialist when they resolved a critical issue (that the company didn't even realize existed.) Their unqualified new boss took it as insubordination and a challenge to their position and questioned the changes they had made. This was despite the…
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