People describe what would go into their angry meals from McDonald's | sutree1 1d S 1 Award Just regular Happy Meal, but have watch get cold on rack while no one serves Reply 8.1k

AskReddit Thread: People's McAngry Meals

McDonald's could really have something here.
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A collection of menu translation fails that confused customers | FRIED RICE Tom Moy Special Pork Chicken Ca Ca Shrimp BBQ Pork Beef Real Chicken Meatless

Hilarious Menu Mishaps That Confused Customers

Some menus are more confusing than others.
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Twitter thread breaks down a brief history of Chinese American food | XIRAN, Chinese History Educational XiranJayZhao gonna talk lil about Chinese American food bc 's honestly so fierce bunch amateur cooks working with unfamiliar ingredients managed create cuisine style captivated America even under intense discrimination (1 Chinese restaurant interior, 1890s. Photo: Bancroft Library, BANC-PIC-1985.084-107--ALB 7:33 PM 17 Jul 20 Twitter Web App

Twitter Thread: Brief History Of Chinese American Food

Yay, new knowledge.
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Customer stages a fake freakout for free food, and the employee ends up quitting | r/TalesFromYourServer u/Queen_Bri 1y Join Fake outrage free food can have consequences servers ultimately quit because customers lie. Long newbie had hosted 2 years at this point but finally got job as server at semi-corporate place so very excited loved serving and even busiest nights never bothered Attention detail is important and instantly GM liked because well did as rookie. She notorious being crazy and stri

Mean Customer Fakes Outrage For Free Food, Server Quits

What a mean human being.
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Karen asks to speak to a manager, she's already speaking to one, and a reality check ensues | r/TalesFromYourServer u/inghiirrirrinhhi ly Join want see manager am manager Long Many moons ago duty manager restaurant/ bistro/bar/beer garden. During food service hours 6p-10p would be float area area and help where needed. This usually restaurant section as full table service; where as other areas customer approached bar/bistro order and collect their own meals/drinks.

Karen's Manager Request Backfires

Delightful turn of events.
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Entitled Karen complains about restaurant, and then the restaurant owner plays her | r/TalesFromYourServer u/hicctl 1y Join Let speak manager young man will have fired owner and are good friends Long First let explain few things here. This is not my story as such, but got witness first hand good friend mine is family owns 3 very successful Italian restaurants (with pizza oven uses actual wood, really top line So he learned business basically day he could walk he 25 he had good business idea plac

Entitled Karen Tries To Scam Restaurant Owner, Fails Miserably

Karen got caught up in the middle of the act.
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An awesome boss reality checks some awful and entitled customers | r/TalesFromYourServer Join u/cawatxcamt 2y FOH lifer time my boss told some awful people restaurants work Long worked at restaurant across state park entrance. Spring through summer were insanely busy as were favorite both tourists and locals wasn't unusual tourists treat us like garbage or be inconsiderate our policies, such as large sign on gate our patio telling people dine only and see host be seated there such problem fact e

Boss Reality Checks Awful Customers

Awesome bosses are the best.
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Disgusting things people found in their food.

Worst Things People found In Their Food

What a horrible lucky find.
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Boss's trash policy gets him covered in broken glass | Posted by u/TinderGuy11 22 hours ago New owner wants us carry garbage bags through crowded restaurant okay boss oC L This is another story about my bartending days, and preface by saying, even though got my point across, not then, nor do now feel good about happened here. So slight backstory working as bar manager student pub new owner and haaaated each other actually scary just deep hatred ran. However his fastest bartender and simply too p

Hell Manager's Dumb Policy Gets His Head Covered in Trash

Hoisted upon his own garbage petard.
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A restaurant owner decides to kick out a table of rude and entitled customers | r/TalesFromYourServer u/aaanon5402 1y Join owner restaurant kicked out one my tables yelling at about receipt Long my first day at pizza restaurant. This place always SLAMMED s really where learned be good server, before worked at over staffed burger joints or Italian restaurants. Things were moving pretty fast but doing surprisingly well had about 10 tables and used 3-4 table sections will

Customers Hassle Employee, Restaurant Owner Handles It

Coolest boss ever.
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cringe fail Thanks for Your Order Your Total: $ 8.86 please pull forward drive thru

Man Tries Cringeworthy Bit On Taco Bell Employee, Fails Miserably

Ultra cringe.
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employee publicly quits lying manager | r/MaliciousCompliance Posted by u/horrorflickguy 16 hours ago 3 2 "If don't like quit Message received loud and clear oc L TL: DR at bottom initially posted this story on r/TalesFromYourServer think fits better here and included more information story cohesion almost eight years worked at popular U.S. chain restaurant which specializes breakfast food may or may not heavily feature various flavors pancakes.

Employee Takes Horrible Boss's Advice, Publicly Quits

They went for the zinger.
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Karen demands spiciest wings, they are too spicy for her child so she demands a refund for the whole party | r/MaliciousCompliance Posted by u/AthanasiaStygian 4 days ago Blazin' sauce Karen's brat, please Obligatory on my phone and makes my spelling and grammar suck sometimes really hope this belongs here used work fairly well known chain buffalo wing eateries know ones with 27 huge screens and screaming fans every sport had family dining area and this particular Saturday night walks Karen with

Karen Demands Spiciest Wings, Doesn't Get Refund

Oh, they're spicy?
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A collection of Wendy's roasts that were absolutely brutal. | Tweet Tony X. O @soloucity 3h so @Wendys ujust gonna let @IHOB sell burgers on block? thought were og? 22 t7 1,534 5,885 Wendy's O @Wendys Replying soloucity and @IHOB Not really afraid burgers place decided pancakes were too hard. | Cooper Franklin @CooperDFra 5d Wendy's needs get rid square burger seems little too artificial 27 1 Wendy's @Wendys Replying CooperDFranklin Unlike super natural circle shape hamburgers come pick them off

Wendy's Roasts Of Pure Fiery Proportions

Wendy's always nails it.
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Restaurant owner returns lost wallet |  11:40 ll5GE( TIVIESsayt Thu, Apr 9, 4:42 PM Hello James hope this message finds well. My name is Kevin and owner Goat Hill Tavern Costa Mesa and found something lost YEARS ago. There is still money wallet, although 's stuck inside, as well as old ID's and SSN card. Let know if this is actually and if like send current address. u CALIFORNIA r IFORNIA DiIVERLICENsE 4342 JAKE AMERICA UNID n PASSPORT CAR iMessage Pay ENTYDOLARS DAU CALIFORNIA

Restaurant Owner Finds and Returns Dude's Wallet after 7 Years

Oh man there could still be some useful coupons and punch cards in there.
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Entitled son takes over as chef, reuses customers' unfinished soups, and gets reported | This revenge story happened 90s working after school as line cook chef's assistant at Chinese restaurant place specialized noodle soups, with main attraction being our soup stock owner used much revered passed down family recipe consisted freshly cracked pork bones, fresh spices and fresh vegetables all kept at rolling boil over 12 hours had be started night before and owner very particular about soup stock.

Chef Reuses Customers' Unfinished Soups, Loses Restaurant

That's just wrong.
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