Priest broke confessional seal and told husband I cheated

‘The priest followed up to see if I’d told my husband’: Priest breaks confession seal and reveals woman’s adultery

Is it the priest’s fault or did she do this to herself?
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AITA for only inviting some of my sister's children to my wedding?

'I'm sorry but ten kids is a big cost on our wedding budget': Drama ensues when bride invites only some of her religious sister's kids

Does it make you a bridezilla to not invite all 10 of your sister's children?
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AITA for not wanting a religious ceremony for my kids?

Monster-in-Law Organizes a Religious Ceremony for Grandkids Against the Parents' Wishes

This mother-in-law organized a surprise ceremony at a baptist church for her three-month-old grandkids without clearing it with the twins' parents first.
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pastor floats into church and gets stuck

Pastor Floats To Podium On Fly System, Gets Stuck

Someone wasn't ready.
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Priest Kenneth Copeland defends lavish private jet lifestyle

Reporter Confronts Preacher About Lavish Lifestyle

Those eyes, yikes.
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Mom discovers her in-laws were secretly pushing religion on her kids | AITA banning my kids my -laws house because they keep forcing their religion on them? Not hole born Saudi Arabia escaped by convincing my parents just wanted visit family Canada, and moment got chance sneaked out my uncle's house and went straight women's shelter. They helped apply asylum am now proud citizen Great White North even got maple leaf tattoo day after paperwork complete never forget first time bit into pulled pork

Mom's In-Laws Secretly Push Religion On Her Kids

Get where Mom is coming from.
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Some evangelists end up getting overwhelmed by a super religious dad after knocking on his door | r/tifu u/Insanim8er 20h Join O 1 9 1 1 1 Tifu by allowing my dad answer my front door some evangelists. L This wasn't today about 11 years ago, but 's one those stories l'll probably tell at my dad's funeral. At time owned 4 plex remodeling moved into one units while doing work s located on one main street busy historic neighborhood walking distance lot, so there's lot foot traffic, cars, restaurant

Evangelists Get Out-Religioned By Dad

They weren't ready for dad.
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A funny Tumblr thread about how sleep and a Snickers can cure all | Joy Clarkson @joynessthebrave This is gentle reminder one time Bible Elijah like "God so mad want die so God said "Here's some food. Why don't have nap So Elijah slept, ate decided things weren't so bad. Never underestimate spiritual power nap snack.

Tumblr Thread: Sleep And A Snack Cures All

Naps are the undeniable best.
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Karen disapproves of the church manager's followers | Hey started following because Reverend but then noticed have few people following who think are porn. Aren't concerned about 10:35 PM Nah sure have sign release form before they can post any videos do together. 10:37 PM /

Karen Disapproves Of Church Manager's Followers

She's going to report this to the big house.
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Funny tumblr thread on Jesus stick tradition | grumpsaesthetics every year around christmas and my grandma play this fun family game called “maybe want put jesus room instead, sweetie now s important note jesus referred our game is not actually real jesus christ, but instead wooden figure made 2011 has an uncanny resemblance lord and savior himself so happens is place jesus our living room, and my grandma smiles and asks if don't want decorate my room with him instead ask her return if she think

Tumblr User Explains Their Annual "Moving of the Jesus"

Every family has a tradition.
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Funny tumblr thread on diluting holy water | meglyman Homeopathic holy kaijutegu 's not actually any amount holy water- according Church water has be more than half holy water by volume. So if take half gallon+ few drops holy water and half gallon secular water get one gallon holy water, plus few drops can then add gallon secular water and then have two gallons

Tumblr Thread Explains Holy Water Loopholes

Who knew there was such specific rules to it.
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Megachurch pastor Kenneth Copeland defends lifestyle shameless cringe

Megachurch Pastor Tries To Justify Lavish Lifestyle

Those eyes.
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Mom thinks sleep paralysis demon is the devil | Posted by u/megs_wags 13 hours ago 2 TIFU by showing my mom drawing my sleep paralysis visitor get sleep paralysis have past few years off and on. Usually every couple months get sleep paralysis dream talked my parents about before fuck up is not they know fuck up is decided try drawing saw over my bed last night. And then sent picture my mom.

Mom Thinks Sleep Paralysis is Literally Satan

Oh boy.
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Science Vs Religion physicist talks about god

Physicist Gives Humble Opinion On Science Vs Religion

Well said.
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Woman's Twitter thread on real Time Travel Jesus Assassination movie | Laura Robinson @LauraRbnsn 14h There is deadly serious Christian action movie about Muslims who invent time travel so they can go back time and kill Jesus so he can't die our sins and course my husband bought because he's an actual monster. Q 87 2727 444 Laura Robinson @LauraRbnsn 14h My husband finds this hilarious have cringed myself back injury which will never recover. 04 109 Laura Robinson @LauraRbnsn 14h As an adult con

Woman Gives Synopsis of Jesus Time Travel Assassination Movie

Oh lord.
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creepy greedy preacher being interviewed by news reporter

Preacher Kenneth Copeland Defends Lavish Lifestyle

Cartoon villain vibes.
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