Collection of funny tweets about the crazy nature of God's logic.

20 Funny Tweets About God's Logic

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Guy Trolls the Living Hell Out of Ridiculously Religious Chick on Tinder

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the pope religion - 1797893

Watch This Little Girl Steal The Popes Hat and Twitter's Heart At The Same Time

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religion weed - 85699073

Watch a Priest, a Rabbi, and an Atheist Walk Into a Studio and Smoke Weed

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jesus religion FAIL swearing Awkward funny - 85473281

Bro With Heavenly Locks Dressed Up As Jesus Fails and Gets Cross Stuck In Underground Station Roof, Has Unholy Reaction

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2016 election signs

The Weekend Before the Presidential Election Gave Us 10 Hilarious Church Marquee Signs

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costume religion list halloween parenting dad restoring faith in humanity week tweet - 1087493

This Dad is Really Rpoud of His Daughter and Best Friends' Costumes, and It Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity

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How Could You?

religion failbook facebook - 8975492864
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I Should Never Agreed to This Update

twitter religion parenting - 8969367040
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The Church Find This Onix-ceptable

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Some Aussies are Scared of Religion and Spellcheck

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Pokémon wtf religion pokemon go demons Video - 122886

Pastor Says the Devil Is Stronger than Ever and That Kids Everywhere Playing Pokémon GO Are Being Possessed by Demons

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People Are Losing Their Minds over Whether or Not This Picture Shows a Spirit Leaving a Man's Body After Fatal Motorcycle Crash

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Reconstructive Surgery Saves Baby Who Was Born with Brain Outside His Skull

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Whoever Missed the Last 'T' on This Easter Banner Almost Nailed It

funny fail image easter banner typo
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