Woman asks people on Reddit if she was wrong for saying baby's name will lead to bullying | AITA criticizing my cousin's baby name? Not hole Hi 21F) have married cousin Cass 30F) who has always been sort holier-than-thou our family just because she is oldest, rather successful and first settle down. She is pregnant with her first child son, and has announced name. Both are family names, and middle actually is after our grandfather name would be perfectly fine if wasn't surname initials name is

Woman Says Baby's Name Will Lead To Bullying

Don't doom the poor kid.
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calling out a lazy shopper customer not returning his cart

Cart Patrol Calls Out Lazy Shopper

He certainly doesn't deny anything.
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Man calls girlfriend a spoiled brat because her parents pay for everything | r/AmltheAsshole Join u/dddundermuffin 17h 1 AITA telling my girlfriend she's spoiled brat? My girlfriend (24F) and 35M) have been together almost year. She comes wealthy family. They own several houses and buy my gf everything she wants whenever she wants They're good people, but think they need treat her like woman instead child worked hard everything have, which isn't much, so frustrates watch her coast through life.

Man Calls Girlfriend Spoiled Brat

Bold move, man.
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cool video solving very hard sudoku

Guy Solves A Sudoku With Only Two Squares Filled

That was fun.
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Dad uses his son's college fund to remodel home, and son gets upset. | AITA using my son's college fund remodel my home have consistently put money away my kids' college funds since they were young. Their education important worked very hard get my degree and eventually my Master's didn't want my kids be burden or worried about funds they went school. My son got into decent school and started off well. Then his grades slumped and he said he dropping out. He's now 23 and has been bouncing one odd

Dad Uses Son's College Fund To Remodel Home

The son wasn't stoked.
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Dad enjoys cooking bacon, and his daughter doesn't like it | WIBTA refusing stop cooking bacon my kitchen due my teenage daughters vegan lifestyle? Not hole Dad here, old fart, loves his daughter pieces but struggling see eye eye with my teenager and wife on this one always been meat eating family live rural Midwest and bacon breakfast is pretty much given. This year my 14 y/o daughter decided go vegan, and jumped onto her support team with enthusiasm learned substitute ingredients, cook new

Dad Cooks Bacon, Vegan Daughter Isn't Having It

Dad just wants that bacon.
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Guy watches his neighbors argue while he eats a bag of popcorn | r/tifu JOIN u/captainjawz 208d 1 TIFU by watching my neighbours fight while eating popcorn. So l'm bit soccer fan, and today two big local teams had game, so naturally watching match on my living room little did know there another match going on my neighbours house. About ten minutes into my game started hearing screams coming house across street.

Man Eats Popcorn While Watching Lovers' Quarrel Outside

They were in a public setting, after all.
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Bride asks people on Reddit whether she's wrong to want to ban kids from wedding | r/AmltheAsshole JOIN u/[deleted 3d AITA asking my Fiance agree childfree wedding? Asshole So here go! Am am asshole asking soon be hubs child free wedding? My Finace 2 1/2 years and are set be married little over year have been pretty much agreement over most wedding planning except this one thing.

Bride Wants To Ban Kids From Wedding

She wants the child free wedding.
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Mandy Patinkin interview interrupted by woman going into labor

Mandy Patinkin Interview Interrupted, Guy's Wife Is In Labor

A magical moment indeed.
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funny fitness prank on morning news show

Fitness Frauds Sued For Pranking Morning News

The irony is unreal.
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Truckers react to paper mill exploding in front of them.

Truckers Reacting to Exploding Mill

It's Pulp Friction.
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A collection of funny moments from parents about the ridiculous stuff their kids do | Reese's Puffs SWEET &CRUNCHY CORN PUFFS MADE WITH REAL REESE'S PEANUT BUTTER PER COP why did do this | captain corrigan @sophiaallenx So my 4 year old nephew asked draw him Harry Potter, he then excitedly shouted DO LEGS stick figure legs attached to a detailed drawing of a head

Kidtastic Moments Of Hilarious Proportions

Kids are the living expression of chaos.
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xzibit pimp my ride host reacts to bad car transformations

Xzibit Reacts To "Pimp My Ride" Horror Stories

Xzibit really did make a great host.
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Water bottle slogan gets criticized in the comments section | Owale Designed exclusively people who drink water. owala | Daniel T Freniere Thank goodness there's water bottles designed drink water and actually enjoy knew day would come 24 1w Like Reply Luke Kohler makes sad think multiple people approved this marketing campaign. 1w Like Reply Author Owala owala fired our marketing department this. 39 1w Like Reply

Water Bottle Gets Roasted In The Comments

Dumb brilliance.
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Woman on Facebook doesn't think that trimming trees is essential work | These people think trimming trees is essential | Barbara can be if prevents power outages, damage, etc Ann Barbara obviously don't live my neighborhood Barbara wow, sorry

Karen Says Tree Trimming Isn't Essential Work

Karen is bored.
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People describe those plot holes in movies that they just can't get over | star wars c3po ghostfrog 9h 8 million forms communication and Threepio doesn't speak Jawa?

Gaping Plot Holes In Movies People Can't Get Over

Some plot holes are just too big.
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