Entitled customers want bigger glasses for their wine and the bartender maliciously complies | r/MaliciousCompliance wworrall They wanted bigger glass, so he gave them bigger glass. My parents and were on vacation few years back, and hanging out at Hotel bar. This place one those places cheap, but everyone who stayed there thought they were better than everyone else couple (Male Female) walked talking about Nice and quaint bar looked. They sat down at table next us were supposed order

Customers Want Bigger Wine Glasses, Bartender Maliciously Complies

Their entitlement was off the charts.
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surprising nuclear ridiculous reaction Video - 106612225

Chillest Guy In World Hears Nuclear Meltdown Alarm

Heroic amounts of chill.
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surprised military ridiculous army reaction funny Video tiktok - 2169862

Man Gets Caught Sleeping While On Duty

Woke up to a real life bad dream.
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Lord of the Rings actors ridiculous celeb reaction cinema viggo mortensen - 106564609

Viggo Mortensen Learns Frodo's Small Scale Body Double Can't Swim

Must've been quite nerve-wracking, indeed.
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cake humor surprised parenting ridiculous reaction funny children - 106347521

Mother Catches Daughter Eating Cake

Pure shock.
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father to be finds out he's about to have triplets

Husband Learns He's Having Triplets

Surprise of a lifetime.
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Antiques Roadshow fail cringe man disappointed with appraisal

Old Man Immeasurably Disappointed By Appraisal At Antiques Roadshow

Need more of this.
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man in car has excitable reaction to hearing rage against the machine for the first time

Man Hears "Rage Against The Machine" For The First Time, Mind Gets Blown

You either love 'em or hate 'em.
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funny video old man tries to pay for parking

Grandpa Attempts To Pay For Parking, Hilarity Ensues

Grandpa wasn't having it.
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An entitled influencer asks someone for $300 worth of jewelry | Hey! l'd like talk about jewelry? accepted request Awesome! Hey can do

Influencer With 400 Followers Asks Artist For $300 Worth Of Jewelry

The entitlement is overwhelming.
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Guy decides to hide his inheritance from his girlfriend and her family | AITA hiding 135k just inherited my girlfriend and her family? Context: My girlfriend(22) and 23) just had our first child few months ago pregnancy wildly unplanned as am graduate school and neither us were ever interested children

Guy Hides Inheritance Money From Girlfriend

Tough call on this one, seeing as she had a kid with the guy!
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A newly engaged couple asks the people of Reddit whether or not it's inappropriate to serve Chipotle at the wedding | WIBTA serving Chipotle at my wedding? No -holes here getting maried April, and my fiance and started planning our wedding were shocked by expensive all different components were, especially catering live high cost living area, and cheapest catering quotes were able get were still well over $100 per person inviting 75 people and thought spending $8,000 or more on food is pretty

Engaged Couple Wants To Serve Chipotle At The Wedding

Would Chipotle for everyone really be the end of the world.
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Little brother writes emotional notes for his sister while she's crying in the bathroom | tweet by annieedagrannie so locked myself bathroom bawling my eyes out and next thing know my 10 year old brother slides these notes under door don't deserve him

Little Brother Writes Emotional Notes For Sister Crying In The Bathroom

What an amazing little brother.
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funny video of a Joel Osteen impersonation

Joel Osteen Impersonator's So Good He Gets On Stage

Some might call this dude a legend.
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funny reaction video of a girl trying a sour candy

Daughter Tries Warhead Candy For First Time, Reaction's Oscar Worthy

She bit off more than she could chew.
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dog howling singing along to flute playing

Dog Howls At Girl Playing The Flute

That's one way to show praise.
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