Bride gets left at the altar, and expects her sister to delay wedding as a result | AITA not wanting tone down" my wedding? My fiance and wanted do something small off made bookings and placed deposits about 4 months ago don't plan on doing anything ridiculous, just short ceremony then food and dancing. Guest list is around 60 people, which covers both families handful friends and plus ones. Very lowkey, pretty small, and don't think 's extravagant at all.

Bride Gets Left At Altar, Expects Sister To Delay Her Own Wedding

Why should one wedding affect the other.
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People on Twitter debate whether The Muppets or Sesame Street would win in a street fight | Jared Cardenas @JarOfCards Replying kacilouwho11 Sesame Street's only hope is Count, calmly approaching carnage things look bleakest and saying Stand back, children. And love God, shield eyes before unleashing an unspeakable barrage unholy dark magic has not been witnessed centuries.

Twitter Debate: The Muppets Vs. Sesame Street In Street Fight

Just our kind of shenanigans.
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A celebrity filled video of them singing "Imagine" ends up inspiring multiple parodies | Pablo S. Torre @PabloTorre Pls excuse while recruit dozen celebrities whisper-sing End" by Linkin Park into their cell phone cameras

Celeb-Filled "Imagine" Video Inspires Parodies

The reception by people on Twitter was across the board.
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Kid tells dad about the Karen meme, and Aunt Karen proceeds to get offended after dad tells her about it | r/tifu posted by Bigringcycling TIFU: Telling my Dad about Karen meme My family loves over share. This lack filter sometimes has tendency get people into trouble because not all information is provided

Kid Tells Dad About Karen Meme, Aunt Karen Gets Upset

Dad shouldn't have said anything.
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french guy excited to eat raw honey from honeycomb

French Dude Has Max Enjoyment Eating Honeycomb

It looks like he's enjoying it a bit.
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gordon ramsay angry rant about steak cooking fails

Gordon Ramsay Genuinely Angry In An Interview

Oh look, it's Gordon Ramsay angry about something again.
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Twitter users debate whether "Breaking Bad" or "The Wire" is a better show | tweet by VanLathan @VanLathan Today's argument s better show, Breaking Bad or Wire SheaSerrano

Twitter Users Argue Over "Breaking Bad" And "The Wire"

People got real passionate about this.
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Woman becomes upset that her engagement ring was only $80 | AITA apparently not respecting my Pandora engagement ring? Not hole want start this off by saying not gold digger got engaged 2 weeks ago and more than happy say yes even if there no ring at all. But there one and looked beautiful at first

Woman Upset That Her Engagement Ring Was $80

Interesting he'd spend hundreds on a TV and $80 on a ring.
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Guy asks people on Reddit whether he's a jerk for playing heavy metal music at his friend's wedding | AITA ruining my friends wedding with metal? My wife (30F) and 32M) were invited my friend (31M)'s wedding. He's fairly close friend have seen each other about 2-3 times year since were 10. He got married his longtime girlfriend who have met handful times.

Guy "Ruins" Friend's Wedding With Heavy Metal Song

There's a time and a place for everything.
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Twitter users roast McDonald's after Wendy's asks for McDonald's to roast them | Wendy's @Wendys Hey @McDonalds, roast us. Bud Light SELTZER @budlight BUD LIGHT Replying Wendys and @McDonalds They're too busy fixing their ice cream machine.

Wendy's Asks McDonald's To Roast Them, Twitter Roasts McDonald's

Well played, Wendy's.
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Elon Musk releases an EDM song and people on Twitter react | photo of elon musk wearing headphones in a recording studio tweet by Elon Musk @elonmusk wrote lyrics performed vocals!!

Elon Musk Drops Song Called "Don't Doubt Ur Vibe"

Well that happened.
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Woman cuts up and alters her wedding dress after being cheated on, and her sister proceeds to complain about it | AITA cutting up and altering my wedding dress into functional dress instead giving my sister who can't afford an expensive dress need an unbiased opinion on this because don't know if asshole

Woman Cuts Up Wedding Dress After Being Cheated On, Sister Complains

Sounds like the wedding dress wasn't needed anymore!
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Native American journalist explains the negative impact of the Kansas City Chiefs team name and logo | tweet by VinceSchilling So Superbowl this year is 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs. As former Sports Editor, and as Native American journalist have few things say about this Appropriation Bowl. First Chiefs are not honoring Native people explain

Native American Journalist Explains Impact Of KC Chiefs On Stereotypes

This thread seeks to explain roots and impact of KC Chiefs.
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Twitter users bond over how long January felt | tweet by hasanabi @hasanthehun month january is like 12 decembers long

Twitter Bonds Over January Being Too Long

It's been a long time coming, January.
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Twitter reactions to PETA's rejected Super Bowl ad | drawing of a squirrel and an arachnid kneeling: tweet by CharlotteDelbo @stbridget77 Replying peta @NFL and @FOXSports Omfg this is tone-deaf af

Twitter Reacts To PETA's Rejected Super Bowl Ad

PETA does it again.
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Video gamers start Twitter thread about Nintendo console modifications | tweet by Steve Kim @Fobwashed will @NintendoAmerica give gamers they want? If u absolutely need middle prong be middle guess this works too

Gamers Ask Nintendo For What They Really Want

The people have spoken.
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