umbrella FAIL parenting Parenting Fail rain - 364550

Bad/Dry Mom Uses Her Kid as Umbrella

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funny british problems twitter

28 Very British Problems You Might Be Passive Aggressive Enough to Relate To

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Video rain win - 83675649

When It Rains, It Pours, and When It Pours...GRASS BLISTERS!

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FAIL singing driving rain dashcam win - 83189505

Watch This Guy Driving and Singing in The Rain Go From Terrified To Relieved

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mud dance festival Video rain - 80804097

When Life Gives You Festival Mud Puddles, You Dance in Them Like No One's Recording

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FAIL driving Video rain - 506372

Minivans are Known For Their Ability to Drive Through Water, Right?

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10 Year Forecast

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smell science Video rain - 67257345

The Odd Smell of Rain

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Might be Time for Some Gutters

Via lanesplitter

The down spout can't handle the heavy rain then let's help it...

drain gutter holes rain - 3265625600
Created by Unknown
Street Art design neat Video rain - 69724161

This Cool Street Art is Only Visible in the Rain!

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Their Customers Didn't Know This Already?

Via cheerilee

Points For Precipitation...

weather winter spelling rain - 8437855744

Who Needs a Jacket When You Have a Box?

poorly dressed box rain - 8430896896
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slow motion awesome sand Video rain - 67095297

Slow Motion: Rain Falling on Sand

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Rain or Shine

parenting dad rain win - 8381270784
Created by VA-Guy
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