Kind Gift WIN

gift random act of kindness bike rain - 6657396736
Via Reddit

Stupid Rain

Rage Comics rain - 6616869376
Created by Unknown

Genius Discovery FAIL

flooding genius headline news rain - 6592594176
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There I Fixed It: No Hurricane's Gonna Rain on MY Parade!

hurricane rain storm - 6547241472
Created by Unknown

WIN!: Drain WIN

best of week design drain Hall of Fame rain - 6491575040
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Fixing the Tent's Rain Drain

drain rain tent water bottles - 6463931904
Created by psy

Suck It, Rain!

motorcycle rain roof - 6449275392
Created by Seth

Oh, You Mean That Wet Stuff Falling Outside My Window Is Rain? YOU DON'T SAY.

obvious rain raining weather - 6453101312
Created by Unknown

You Have Bigger Problems Than the Storm

animals dogs pants pee peeing rain - 5165652992
Created by Unknown

Failbook: Rain Farts

failbook farts g rated rain science smell - 6416088320
Created by Chrisizzle

Music FAILS: Where There's Wayne, There's Also Breezy

lil wayne pun rain - 6376364032
Created by Unknown

This Isn't My Raincoat!

bike box cardboard rain - 6200129792
Created by teriana

For a Shower of Beats

drum drumming drums rain umbrella - 6158565376
Created by Unknown

Caught Sleeping FAIL

nature Professional At Work rain - 6075209472
Created by Unknown

Rain WIN

bewbs billboard clever rain sign - 6048830720
Created by Unknown

Warped Home Improvement Ideas

Gravity home improvement rain wtf - 5822962944
Created by Rick