To be a racist is to be a dunce. We are all as one, there is no place for one race, people, color, ideology, above any other. The only place for racism and a racist is to be laughed at for their ignorance, so go wild.

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Kansas State Student Sends a Blackface Snapchat and Instantaneously Feels the Wrath of the Internet

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Ellen DeGeneres photoshopped into riding Usain Bolt's back

People Are Calling Ellen DeGeneres a Racist for Her Tweet About Usain Bolt

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Racist McShootface

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Redskins Legend Dexter Manley States Black QBs Show More Mobility Because 'They're Used to Running From the Law'

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Hashtag of the Day: Twitter Unleashes #HisNameIsCayden to Defend a Three-Year-Old from a Racist Facebook Post

After a coworker posts a racist picture of Cayden Jace, his mother and grandmother start #HisNameIsCayden to fight back.
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That's A Bomb Necklace, Man

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Palma de la cara

Palma de la cara
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Passed With Flying Colors

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Paula Deen, Esplain to Us How Brownface Is Less Offensive Than Blackface

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Wow, That's...Unfortunate

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Never, Ever Start a Sentence That Way

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SAE Douchebags Expelled From Oklahoma University After Racist Chant

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Fighting Against Violence, One Genocide and Spelling Mistake at a Time

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Tell Us How You Really Feel About Ebola and the President

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At Least This One Was Brave Enough to Ask About Their Ignorance

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Misplaced National Outrage? We've Got That.

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