To be a racist is to be a dunce. We are all as one, there is no place for one race, people, color, ideology, above any other. The only place for racism and a racist is to be laughed at for their ignorance, so go wild.


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Autocowrecks: Racial Sensitivity Folks, Give 'Em a Hand!

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Showing Your Pride FAIL

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Marketing FAIL

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Unfortunate Juxtaposition FAIL

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Ironically, He Was About to Order Some Crackers, Too

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Are You Only Half Racist If You Hate Asians But Love Africans?

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Oh My God, They Stereotyped Token! You Bastards!

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Explosively Funny Iranians

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The Melting Pot

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Very Demotivational: HOT CHINESE MUSTARD

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Enjoy Your Toxic Chemical High!

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Thank God There's No Such Person as Jason Yellow

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Failbook: Flaming Racists

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OK, What the Hell.

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Magically Challenged

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