Ridiculous Manager won't accept that employee is resigning | Posted by u/Iquitscrewyou 20 hours ago AITA walking out after boss tried refuse accept my resignation? Not hole had boss who real turd. He labored under delusion he an excellent boss and couldn't put together his behavior and crappy pay why he had such hard time keeping employees. He also thought acceptable call his female employees hun, sweetie, and sugar. He condescending asswipe who consistently passed over more qualified women

Delusional Manager Won't Accept Resignation

Yeah you can't do that.
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bad boss wants to not pay employee, employee quits | u/Sherlock_DaVinci Not qualified promotion, then just do my job oc M Edit: Which TLDR at end few years ago worked furniture stored back store. My job consisted unloading and loading trucks, assembling furniture and placing on main floor store. After around 6 months there, my supervisor announced he resigned meaning his post up grabs had all technical requirements so applied, but they gave job another one my colleagues

Boss Expects Work Without Pay, Gets What He Pays For

Great plan, dude.
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Employee quits, boss get karma | r/MaliciousCompliance Posted by u/beerbellybegone 4 days ago Boss: Think about whether want keep working here OK don't ocL Apologies if English isn't perfect s not my native tongue. Nearly two years ago started work at Company as their digital marketing person. After started turned out brought put out fires left by my predecessor VP Marketing, who had team 4 plus himself, spent over $1 million one year and brought 5 deals, 2 them under $10K.

Ungrateful Psycho Boss Gets Instant Karma

You don't get what you don't pay for.
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New manager makes employee quit, so he schedules employees all with same name.

Employee Gets Burned by New Manager, Crafts Uniquely Confusing Schedule

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Incompetent manager gets called on his BS and quits.

Incompetent Manager Gets Called On His BS, Makes Fool Of Himself and Quits

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terrible boss causes employees to quit

Dude's Awful Boss Asks Him to Consider His Role, so He Does and Gets a Better Job

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employee getting fired because he didn't want to dirty his car in the rain

22 Stupid Reasons Incompetent Employees Got Fired or Quit

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boss work frustration wtf fired manager quit crime angry ridiculous quitting - 8284933

In Honor of May Day, Twitter Shares Their Most Horrible Bosses

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employee trolling work quit ridiculous funny Video - 438278

Guy Quits Hotel Job With A Marching Band

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reasons to quit a job

16 People Share the Last Straw That Made Them Rage Quit Their Jobs

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work quit - 84938241

Watch This Dude Deliver a Hard Right Fist to His Laptop While Quitting His Job in Public

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dinosaur quitting drawing
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If You're Going to Leave, Go Out in Style

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What Every Taco Bell Worker Wishes They Could Do

billboard quit taco bell - 4975304960
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You Quite...What?

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The Staff Had Enough

monday thru friday restaurant sign quit g rated - 8376014080
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