public freakout

A collection of the worst adult temper tantrums that people have ever witnessed.

Worst Adult Temper Tantrums People Witnessed

Working retail is no small feat.
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People describe the various reasons that they have for absolutely hating their neighbors.

Reasons People Absolutely Hate Their Neighbors

Seems fair enough to have some hard feelings.
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A collection of the wildest temper tantrums that people have ever witnessed from adults.

Most Embarrassing Temper Tantrums People Have Witnessed From Adults

Ah yes, the good old public freakout.
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A tech support tale about an angry customer berating tech support, asking for different technician, and then getting humbled.

Customer Berates Technician, Gets Humbled Quickly

Oh, that must've been indescribably satisfying.
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FAIL public freakout cringe Awkward ridiculous Video karen tiktok - 2759430

Karen Rear-Ends Lambo, Gets Caught On Camera, Tries To Blame Other Driver

The nerve truly blows the mind.
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customer service FAIL public freakout cringe Awkward ridiculous Video tiktok - 2753286

Karen Has Temper Tantrum At McDonald's Over Order Taking Too Long

Get out of here with that Karen.
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Bride and groom don't pay balance due, proceed to show up to wedding venue.

Bride And Groom Don't Pay Balance Due, Show Up To Venue For Rehearsal

Bold move there.
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An enraged Karen demands more toppings for her pizza, refuses to pay extra, throws her pizza.

Karen Customer Launches Pizza Amidst Toppings Fiasco

Karen brought all the spice that day.
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public freakout cringe Awkward mental health ridiculous Video karen tiktok - 2623494

Karen Has Meltdown Over Woman's Service Animal Right In Front Of Her

Absolutely vile.
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FAIL public freakout cringe Awkward ridiculous entitled Video karen tiktok - 2587654

Karen Customer Has Rage Fit Over 37 Cents At Pizza Shop

This ain't it, Karen.
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People describe the moments that they knew they were going to have to quit their jobs.

The Moments People Knew They Had To Quit Their Jobs

Sometimes you just know it's time to call it quits.
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customer service FAIL public freakout cringe ridiculous nail salon Video tiktok - 2568710

Woman Expects Free Nail Fix For Fourth Time, Gets Rejected, Has Tantrum

Yeah, that's just not going to cut it.
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customer service FAIL public freakout cringe ridiculous traveling karen - 2533382

Employee Refers Karen To Different Airline After Temper Tantrum

Not today, Karen.
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customer service public freakout cringe ridiculous Video tiktok - 2518534

Woman Refuses To Put Phone On Airplane Mode, Entire Flight Gets Delayed

Just a tad bit inconsiderate.
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Karen ends up having a total public freakout in a Starbucks on some bananas.

Karen Goes Bananas At Starbucks, Literally Attacks The Bananas

Shouldn't have brought the bananas into it, Karen.
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People describe the absolute craziest things that they ever did after divorces.

Craziest Things People Did During Divorces

People can get real nasty after divorces.
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