Fail of the Day: High School Student Uses Fake Bomb to Ask Girl to Prom

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Things Get Awkward Fast When This Guy Attempts an Elaborate Promposal

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They Got A Good Deal On The Bolt Of Fabric

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The Worst Way to Ask Your Boyfriend to Prom

not sure if clever or racist
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When Excitement and Fear Meet

High school dances can be terrifying
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Taking Your Girl to the Winter Dance Can Be Dangerous

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I Don't Think She's Going to Get Any on Prom Night

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"Yeah, Just Give the Tree a Nice Awkward Crotch Grab. Perfect."

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One Direction's Niall Horan Had a Really Awkward Prom

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Some Didn't Make It Out

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Will Ferrell Had a Great Prom

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One Boozy Prom

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Stuck at Prom With Duct Tape

high school prom duct tape funny g rated - 8225694464
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Go Back to Grammar School

grammar high school prom funny - 8213628672
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Need Your Mother to Get You Your Prom Date?

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This Teen Was Kicked Out of Prom for The Dumbest Possible Reason

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