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Is This Failed Promposal a Total Cringe, or an Elaborate Fake?

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Things Got Weird When He Pinned the Corsage

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Maybe He's Just Getting Ready for the Yule Ball?

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Class of 2010: Most Likely To Have Their Picture Burned

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Teens Charged With Livestock Theft in Effort to Make a Pun Based Prom-posal

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The Chippendale's Prom Went Well, I'd Say

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Now Where's the Rocket Launcher...

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This Obviously Took Some Planning

school prom image This Obviously Took Some Planning
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That's One Way to Make Prom Night Memorable

school prom image That's One Way to Make Prom Night Memorable
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Promposal of the Day: Guy Asks Girlfriend to Prom By Jumping Out of a Plane

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Not How You Ask Girls to Prom

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Watch 80 Years of Prom in 2 Minutes

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Young Love Just Warms Your Heart. And Blackens Your Lungs.

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Here's How These 15 Celebrities Prepared for Prom

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When a Gay Student Wanted to Get Asked Out to Prom, His Straight Buddy Stepped Up His Game

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Just Guac it Out, Lauren

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