Turtle for Sale After Failed Prom Proposal

Craigslist ad of a turtle for sale that someone wrote PROM? on in order to ask a girl out but it didn't work.
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No Tornado Is Going to Ruin Their Senior Prom

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Forget Renting a Limo, These Kids Got a Tornado for Their Prom Pictures

image prom tornado Forget Renting a Limo, These Kids Got a Tornado for Their Prom Pictures
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Irish People Watch Prom Proposals for the First Time, and Their Reactions Are Golden

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Behold, the Irresistible Promposal of the Baby Pangolin

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The Most Practical Prom Proposal Yet

guy asks himself out to prom twitter
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Jealous Giraffe Interrupts Teen's Prom-Posal

giraffe interrupts prom posal
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Okay, These Prom-posals Are Getting out of Control

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Service Dog Wears Matching Dress to Prom With Her Human

service dog wears matching prom dress
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No One Lasts Long In High School

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Everyone Will Be Coming This Year

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No One Wears White To Prom

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Just Please Don't Lock Her In A Tower

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Let's Get a Funny Face One Now

scary face kid in prom picture
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What A Charmer

drunk, mistakes, rude, prom, texting
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Promposal Failure

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