trolling troll prank trick - 15257349

Guy Tricks Phone Thief Into Turning in His Sister's Phone In to the Police

Brother convinces thief that the phone he has stollen belongs to a mob member.
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jesus Music Devo lol prank dumb funny stupid - 107375617

Devo's Mark Mothersbaugh Explains His Inclusion of "We Smell Sausage" In All His Work

When a problem comes along, you must put secret messages in your music.
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An employee counteracts testy customers by pretending to get fired from his job.

Employee Counteracts Rude Customers By Pretending To Get Fired

A highly effective strategy.
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tricked funny names school jokes lol names prank silly stupid - 107333121

School Board Earnestly Reads List of Gag Names

Phil McCracken is gone, man.
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humor school teacher prank ridiculous education funny Video - 107317505

Math Professor Fixes Projector Screen

Nice one there, teach.
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Meteorology weather prank ridiculous funny Video weather report - 106984961

Weather Man Gets Pranked, Takes It Like A Champ

Really gotta feel it for Hugh.
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Candid camera tries to prank Mr. Rogers but he is too nice.

The Time Mr. Rogers Was Unflappable on Candid Camera

The man was just too wholesome.
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A prankster swaps the keyboard keys on a factory computer, and then a tech support fiasco ensues.

Prankster Swaps Keyboard Keys On Factory Computer, Tech Support Conundrum Ensues

Very, very clever.
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Elijah Wood prank interview about wigs

Elijah Wood Is Asked If He Wears Wigs

It's a simple question.
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humor john cena prank ridiculous prank calls funny Video - 106734849

Husband Teams Up With Radio Station For John Cena Prank, Wife Loses It

A timeless piece of internet gold.
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Woman's coworker uses her sonogram to fool her boyfriend into thinking she's pregnant.

Woman's Coworker Uses Her Sonogram To Fool Boyfriend

Eh, just a little bit too far.
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person pranks calls coworker

Coworker Pranks Call Center Employee, Hilarity Ensues

Got him!
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funny video daughter pranking mother with mayonnaise diet

Daughter Tells Mom She's On All-Mayo Diet, Mom Flips

Mom was having none of it.
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funny John Cena prank call

Husband Has Radio Station Prank Wife, Hilarity Ensues

Pure gold right here.
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funny mad lads who broke small rules and did tricky shenanigans | rev. dylan @DylanRoss my 11 year ban yahoo chess expires today Rnnme Dlavare Nnline Fallure Connect EDIT have failed connect following reason have been barred logging into this room until Thu Dec 31 23:59:59 PST 2020. oms rom this lis OK Giraffe Field

Mad Lads Who Didn't Let The World Get In Their Way

Sometimes you've gotta risk it all.
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dad embarrasses daughter by asking shirtless boys to wash her window

Dad Embarrasses Daughter At Car Wash

She was mortified.
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